Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tries to kick JK Rowling at Bitcoin and fails miserably

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tries to kick JK Rowling at Bitcoin and fails miserably

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong was the last prominent member of the cryptocurrency industry who attempted to launch Bitcoin to Harry Potter author JK Rowling (who must have already regretted his curiosity).  

However, his attempt went horribly wrong since he actually tagged a fake Twitter account.

This blatant incompetence has not gone unnoticed by members of the crypto-currencies community that has quickly taken to task on Armstrong sloppy tweet with the hashtag #DeleteCoinbase.

Bitcoin bosses redefine embarrassment

In particular, the @NotLoomdart account which succeeded in tricking crypto Twitter by usurping Rowling's identity caught the attention of the writer herself.   

Armstrong's plight seems even more ridiculous since he even tried to promote altcoins in his response to the imposter.

Meanwhile, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance , also came under fire after speaking of a sexist metaphor for fish that raised eyebrows in a now-deleted tweet.  

#DeleteCoinbase takes a new life  

However, the Harry Potter fiasco does not come close to the level of reaction Coinbase received after the acquisition of the analysis company Neutrino whose leaders were part of the infamous hacking team.

This agreement sparked the original #DeleteCoinbase which was even covered by some mainstream media. 

As indicated by PassionCrypto  , the exchange had to separate Neutrino employees who have helped the dictators to suppress dissent. 

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