Australian TV References VeChain In Consumer Broadcast

  • VeChain receives wide media coverage and popular television programs highlight the benefits of its use.
  • Mars Space Station Company implements VeChain technology to validate the authenticity of its products.

Popular Australian TV show "Sunrise" featured VeChain's application through its partner Fresh Supply Co. to improve the supply chain in the region. Fresh Supply Co. is part of the APAC Provenance Council and VeChain is its sole provider of blockchain technology.

APAC Provenance Council is a consortium for the food supply chain and financing in the Asia-Pacific economic region. Its main objective is to create an efficient intercontinental financial ecosystem. In this regard, the popular Australian TV program talked about the supply chain improvements that have emerged from APAC and its application of the VeChainThor blockchain.

The program highlights the inconvenience that supply chain fraud poses to the Australian economy and its consumers. Due to the benefits that certain products gain, such as tariffs and special prices, there are label and food counterfeiters that affect the supply chain by inserting fake items or misinformation about their importance.

In Australia, one of the solutions put in place by the APAC Provenance Council to solve this problem is the implementation of QR codes. This way, a consumer can scan the code for information about the product and validate its provenance and authenticity.

Through its Twitter account, the VeChain Foundation congratulated the APAC Provenance Council for the attention it has received from major Australian media. The VeChain Foundation added the following:

APAC's Home Council achieves excellent media coverage on mainstream television in Australia. As a blockchain technology provider on the board, VeChain congratulates the achievement of the APAC Board and is delighted to jointly transform food security in the APAC region.

VeChain against counterfeit products

Mars Space Station has decided to implement VeChain blockchain technology . In a publication, the company says it will use the VeChainThor blockchain in conjunction with NFC IoT chips in each of its products. In this way, consumers will be able to have exclusive rights to the products they buy.

The company says the chips will have product specific information. Information cannot be tampered with or transferred after the chip has been implemented. This is possible by creating an electronic identification with blockchain technology from VeChain and by NFC near-field communication technology. The report says:

We use the latest encryption technology - blockchain technology to encrypt each chip, and the encrypted data is synchronized, stored and verified in real time on the 101 nodes of the blockchain network of the VeChain blockchain worldwide.

Electronic identifiers will be uploaded to the VeChainThor blockchain. Consumers will be able to download the Mars Space Station app, available for iOS and Android, to scan each product for chips and verify product authenticity.

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