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World virtual earthquakes (séisme du monde virtuel)

By Pasucaru | pass fire | 29 Mar 2020

Seneca "Slow Growth, Rapid Ruin" unless we are warned like Ulysses in his successful return to Ithaca "Be careful, you will meet mermaids. If you listen to their song, they will attract you with them and you’ll die crashing on the rocks. "

To avoid the terms "collapse", "end of the world" or even less "collapsology", I prefer to use this title "virtual earthquakes", like an "earthquakes" on a finite world scale, in its global dimension, treated from the point of view of "bio-geophysics" or of the environment, from the socio-economic point of view and from the spiritual point of view. Indeed the world is now interconnected and interdependent it is a fact. The organization of our contemporary world would be broken down into eight major networks (Oil & gas, Electricity, Communications for the first three industrial revolutions, Transport, Water, Care and emergency services, Finances and Institutions state). If one of these 8 networks collapses it is the beginning of a "earthquake", in the past cities or countries have already trembled because of either the fuel or electric outage, or the loss communication, either the halt of transport, or the water shortage, or the absence of health and emergency services, or the bankruptcy of banks or states.

Why this analogy with earthquakes? Because of the many points in common with a seismic crisis (slow growth and rapid rupture but difficult to predict over time, possible aftershocks). The difference is the scale, it is now necessary to think about the world scale from different points of view:

1- for the human sciences "Collapse" by Jared Diamond or the "time of crises" according to M. Serre or the "involution *" according to G. Deleuze, for the hypotheses of earth scientists and living things for the end of a world (IPCC and equivalent for biodiversity IPBES), but also the forecasts of economists and demographers,
2- from the financial point of view, with an announced global economic recession,
3- and finally the revelation of a new world or cycle in religious writings (Apocalypse of Saint John or the Kalkî for the end of this cycle for Hinduism or the Ragnarök in Nordic mythology).

Why go beyond the anthropocene term ? Because the anthropocene would only concern a purely geological event centered on man exclusively, that is to say his pre-industrial history and these earthquakes to come post-industrial will be of another order, where these times will meet in a short period not limited to geology, unlike an era or an age, but to the whole interdependent ecosystem and because it's all about adaptability. But to adapt in a very short time to the scale of the planet, it will be necessary to prevent, act and conscientiously value all initiatives locally and together, in an inclusive manner, it is a virtuous triangle in this case .

Are we under anesthesia? Yes then it is time to wake up (in the sense of a renewal of awakening) and to be flexible for our new relationship with the world or rather for our relationship with the new world that awaits us in ambush, it is even an immediate and collective duty (in the sense of collective awareness). But this is not a return to nature, it is a return to Nature in all its dimensions (in the sense of the noosphere of Teilhard de Chardin).

* "Involving means having an increasingly simple, economical, sober walk", this is another virtuous triangle as an ambition after three industrial revolutions, let's go to involution with nature but doens't mean a return to nature.


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