Mont Saint-Michael (France) : A rock in the middle of the bay (un roc au milieu de la baie)

By Pasucaru | pass fire | 30 Mar 2020

"Wave, rocks, lawns, look at it is the earth!" "Victor Hugo in"At the seaside "(1836)
The image that imposes itself on the pilgrim of the Middle Ages as on the contemporary traveler, it is a rock (of granite) where the man grafted there with faith an abbey of stones.

Mont Saint Michel carte 1955
The history of the first construction, on the mount, a sanctuary started in 708, by the bishop of Avranches, Aubert, has a share of legend linked to the rocky site itself. It is told by Marc Déceneux in "Le guide de la France Mythologique": "The works are prevented by the presence ... of two large stones that the many mobilized workers cannot shake ... Bain, a local aristocrat..reach alone at the top of the mountain and effortlessly displaces this mass of such grandeur. The sanctuary was then built and Aubert proceeded to its consecration a year later ... on October 16 ", therefore in 709.
The abbey was only founded in 966 on this rock surrounded by quicksand, the "lizes", and water during the high tides. This old "Mont Saint Michel-au Péril-de-la-mer" for over a thousand years, despite fires and lightning, has kept its timeless appeal. Especially since the virtual visit with a google map for example cannot be done everywhere and can never make this extraordinary atmosphere feel.


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