Archos Safe-T touch cold wallet at a glance

By Pasucaru | pass fire | 25 Jan 2021

Everybody know the french company Ledger for cold or hardware wallet, but another one just arrived on the market with two products Safe-T mini and Safe-T touch ( for touchscreen). The differnce betwween exchange (Binance, Coinbase, Swissborg , Bitpanda, etc ..) is that you are not the owner of your crypto, you delegate your crypto to these platforms, like in your vintage bank, so when you want to keep it with you such a wallet is the right way.

This is my experience with the Archos Safe-T touch , I hope can help some people (anyway check Archos web site to verify informations).

1 - Packages contents

 Device Archos Safe-T touch  + USB/USB-C cable  + Recovery seed card + protective screen + user manual (French/ English/German)


2 - Installation - Setup

Before to connect the device with the USB-USB-C Cable in order to load the Firmware v1.2.5 (Archos website), check if you have the good driver for MT65xx Preloader (in my case I installed "MTK Usb Driber v1.0.4" to up to date the driver pilot for my computer) 

If your driver is ok you can follow instructions to load the Firmware from your PC to the device and the end you can setup the device with a pin code and don't forget to write the 24 recovery words and store it in a safe place.


After the device setup you need to connect your Android Smartphone with the apps Safe-T Companion  : setup Bluetooth link from your Smartphone with the code given by the device for a successful pairing.


3 - Discover the product 

The touchscreen is very comfortable for such a wallet to access and manage the device name, display, security, language, Date&time and fiat/currency reference (EUR or USD or GBP or JPY or BTC).

485e8937131aa658a3212976d098a73fe76761e06b4ce2b10df23e1ab8793797.jpg (Click on the image to see better screenshot)

4758b2aef42dd8d60cdae7405136f133bf60817ecd15b018604d95e93c2cb824.jpg(Click on the image to see better screenshot)

The wallet supports all the following crypto-currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, DASH, ZCash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and many ERC20 Tokens (to be the future for other tokens) 

943e5b9d411ff6f43bc851528f13d54c9dc2faad2a8754c0935bfdff4775872a.jpg(Click on the image to see better screenshot)

63a022a5164fed8be2155c0d8742853093b86063a092eb10b499b1cb420cd8b1.jpg(Click on the image to see better screenshot)

4 - First transaction 

Like any other wallet the transaction involves some fees (nowadays ETH gas are hight), so for my first transacction I choose to receive $10 in BTC.

f147191a62009569b823814600009ed3eeeba295e95ff74a5a65a2fe9c2f690c.jpg(Click on the image to see better screenshot)

In the other way i.e. to send crypto, the camera in the back is very comfortable to scan the QR code address.

b6f40c1c4c90611ccbfe596eb7ff3fa4cf8a8e55a3c2a62e0a97349614e59b82.jpg(Click on the image to see better screenshot)

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