SwapSpace, an explanatory poem

By Parlanchin | Parlanchin | 25 Jul 2021

SwapSpace is a new crypto exchange

They use a new model, a refreshing change

They’re working hard to bring down fees

Their streamlined process makes swapping a breeze

SwapSpace helps keep you free

It’s non-custodial, there’s no KYC

They eliminate the need for internet fishin’

They show all the rates and take no commission

SwapSpace won’t cramp your style

There’s no limit on trades, you can swap your whole pile

SwapSpace has all the coins you need

You can exchange across blockchains at lightning speed

If you run into problems, they’ve got your back

Their 24/7 service keeps your swaps on track

So if you’re sick of high fees don’t sit and pout

Head over to SwapSpace and check it out

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Em diuen parlanxin


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