Sorare Cheaper Finally!

Great news crypto and football fans!! Sorare finally introduced a new type of card, the limited cards, with 1000 cards by player! This is a huge amount compared with the 100, 10, and 1 limit of red, blue, and brown respectively. This will make the new cards considerably cheaper, which will create an easier entry for all (like me) who really want to play this game but don't want to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars just to start.


Will these cards work like rare cards? No, they will create a new division, division 5 where you can use these new cards now, but they will open new these cards to other competitions like the Champion Europe league and Champion Asia one in the next few weeks. Right now you only can use them in Div5 (you cant use them in div4 nor use rare cards in div5, so div5 it's exclusive for limited cards) but... you can win prizes in div5! You can win ETH and new limited cards, so you can start play this game for real if you haven't already bought rare cards because of the super expensive price tag! If by any chance you never heard of the game or you didn't create an account you can join by my link if you want and you will win a free rare card when you buy 5 cards.

I love crypto, football, and fantasy games so this is the most exciting news I got in a while! The cards are live since today! Let's finally enjoy sorare.

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