Wayru Aims to Disrupt the Market with its People-owned Internet

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The internet was created to connect computer systems worldwide and to provide global access to data and communications. It opened up a plethora of interactional opportunities and became the most significant catalyst in realizing the vision of globalization. In the era of the internet, the world has really become a global village but the world wide web is dominated by corporate giants. The centralized enterprises are controlling our digital data and online lives today. Only a decentralized internet will allow putting power back in the hands of individual citizens but it is still not achieved. The reason is that omnipresent and robust internet with decentralized infrastructure ownership is not easy to be attained. With the advancement of the Web 3 movement, we are also seeing the emergence of distributed ownership solutions. Wayru is one such project on the Algorand blockchain that wants to ensure complete decentralization of power over the internet with its shared infrastructure. The project aims to offer services ranging from home wi-fi, business data transfers to APIs or cloud services with its innovative technology to disrupt the status quo.

“We’re going the extra mile to connect everyone, everywhere, so we can all experience digital inclusion.” – Wayru blog post


Wayru’s decentralized internet

Wayru wants to provide a decentralized internet powered by the people. The solution will empower small and medium ISPs, entrepreneurs and communities to build and operate their own networks. The new network will not only provide digital freedom but also provide economic independence to the participants. As the network will be community maintained and operated, the running cost will be reduced significantly. The decentralization will be achieved through geographically distributed nodes. No centralized entity will be responsible for analysing the demand and capacity of the network. The growth will take place at an organic speed with community involvement. The community will be the beneficiary class in the economy and earn as per the coverage provided.

The shared economy will have three layers of nodes –

Micro Nodes: Anybody will be able to join the network by connecting a compatible device to an internet router. Technically, any off-the-self wi-fi device can be configured with Wayru protocol or Wayru firmware can be uploaded to the device (if available) and it can be connected with your home router. A new guest network called ‘WayruNet’ will appear for providing service to your guests. When somebody consumes data over the network, you will be rewarded as you are running a micro node.

Block Nodes: The Block Nodes will act as the distribution layer for the users. These nodes will be located in the key locations and deployed in different hardware configurations. These nodes will track the usage of the users and session completion transactions will be sent to the blockchain through an oracle.

Link Nodes: The Link Nodes will act as the interface between legacy telecommunication networks and Wayru protocol and they will route traffic to these networks for seamless connectivity. Every country, where the service will be available, must have one Link Node and the node operator must have the necessary local license to operate.

Sharing incentives

WRU is the utility token of Wayru. The token also forms the foundation of the economic model of Wayru ecosystem. The token is used to provide the network service and reward the participants. There is a maximum of 10 billion WRU and all are created at genesis but those will remain locked till the time network becomes active. When the network becomes active, the distribution will also start. 1% of the token supply is supposed to be released through a public sale and the rest will be released over 20 years. WRU will be distributed to node operators, pool token holders, investors and stakers.


Source – Wayru investors

Own a Hotspot or take part in Hotspot Pool

Genesis is a plug-and-play device that allows anybody to set up a hotspot from anywhere. You need to connect the device to a power source and active internet router. You will share your internet access with nearby people and the reward will accumulate as per the traffic in WRU tokens. Only 1000 such devices are available now. The price of this device is $200 and it can be bought on Wayru presale website. Some WRU will be required for activating your hotspot on mainnet. At present, you can get $50-100 worth of $WRU, locked to your account, when you buy the device as an early bird offer.


From Wayru presale website

Suppose you can’t deploy a hotspot but want to take part in the ecosystem. You can participate in hotspot pools in that case. Wayru will set up hotspots in big cities and they will group the hotspots deployed in any city into Hotspot Pools. The pools will be tokenized and the number of tokens in the pool depends on the location of the pool and the number of Hotspots in the pool. Each pool will have a minimum no of 1000 Hotspots. You can buy pool tokens from Wayru presale website. These pool tokens will help you to earn WRU tokens depending on the performance of the pool.

Wayru has already deployed its first internet network in Monte Sinaí community in Guayaquil, Ecuador. More than 100,000 people were lacking proper internet access there. To implement the network, Wayru took the help of a local foundation and installed ten free wi-fi zones. The same model can be replicated in other areas to connect the unconnected. Wayru’s mission has just begun! A decentralized version of the internet won’t be achieved through an easy path.  The project has raised $1.96M Seed Round led by Borderless! This capital will be highly crucial to empower Wayru in deploying its internet network. The project was also selected by Algorand Miami Accelerator and created a nice buzz. It is a fact that improvement in internet penetration in developing nations can drastically raise the financial well-being of the people. The problem is that people there can’t afford the internet package. Wayru is going to offer decentralized internet at an affordable rate for the masses due to its breakthrough technology. Keep an eye on Wayu. New surprises are brewing for the world!

Follow Wayru on Twitter and join their vibrant Discord to get regular updates. DYOR before investing your hard-earned money. Here is the link to Wayru whitepaper.

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