The Zero Investment Crypto Strategy

By paragism | paragism | 6 Aug 2023

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it”— Stephen R. Covey.

All financial markets go through turmoil from time to time but the crypto market is characterised by abnormal price swings. Volatility is a feature here. A declining market can be daunting for traders, especially newbies. If you got rekt in this bear cycle, you can blame yourself for your misjudgement but navigating a crypto bear market is challenging even for pro traders.


The good news is that all bear markets turn into bull markets, eventually. In the meantime, you can prepare to survive the downturn. Do sufficient research and try to understand the projects deeply. Buy the dip using dollar-cost averaging and use indicators to find the best entry points. You can also find ways to earn cryptocurrency by methods other than trading. This article will take you through some methods which you can use to make earnings or future potential earnings. In maximum cases, you have no need to make any investment and you can earn potential rewards by performing regular tasks.

Reading & Writing Blogs

Publish0X: Publish0x is a publishing platform where both authors and readers get paid. It was launched in December 2018 and gained a stream of popularity very fast. Publish0x is crypto-agnostic. Anybody can become a reader by simple registration but to be a writer, you need to apply. A writer can create his/her own blog here and post articles on various topics. Upvotes are not used for earning on Publish0x. There is a tipping option. A reader can tip the writer from a cryptocurrency tip pool. The pool most probably comes from the sponsors of Publish0x. Presently tipping is done from the pool of $SPOT, $AMPL & $ETH. The reader can choose the percentage of the tip to be given to himself/herself and the writer. Publish0x is a no-ICO project and they do not have any own token. You can find top-notch posts on this platform.

Steemit & Hive: Steemit is the first decentralized social media or publishing platform in history. It has Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) mechanism which protects the blockchain. The contents published are immutable here. Hive is a fork of Steem and the blogging platform on Hive blockchain is also called Hive. You can earn cryptocurrency for blogging or curating on both platforms. is a blogging platform where you can earn some $BCH by producing content on the platform. The present traffic to the site is a bit low but you will get a variety of content.

ReadON: ReadON is a decentralized content distribution platform. It was the winner of the BNB & Solana Riptide & Arweave Hackathon. The mobile app works on ios and Android. You gain points as you interact with the app. ReadON is a tokenless protocol and is expected to reward early users with the $READ token. ReadON Testnet Loki has been launched some days back.

Web3 Social Media & Networks

Lens Protocol: The Lens Protocol is a Web3 social graph on the Polygon PoS blockchain. It is designed to empower creators to own the links between themselves and their community, forming a fully composable, user-owned social graph. Since users own their data, they can bring it to any DAPP built on top of Lens Protocol. Creators have no need to worry about losing their content, audience, and livelihood based on the whims of an individual platform's algorithms and policies. At present, Lens Protocol is not open to everyone. You can join the waitlist if you want to access the protocol free of cost. You can also buy a lens profile from Opensea if you are ready to spend 50-100$. It is expected that the active users of the protocol will be rewarded in the future. Some popular DAPPs in the ecosystem are Lenster, Lenstube, Orb, Buttrfly etc.

TORUM: TORUM is a collaboration between a multifunctional crypto-powered social media platform and an integrated crypto exchange. TORUM ecosystem is powered by $XTM, an ERC-20 token. $XTM is the native currency of the social media ecosystem. The platform is like Facebook and you get free cryptocurrency for your social media activity. The platform has a nice user interface and it is growing rapidly. Torum has 18+ investors including KuCoin and Huobi.

Link3: Link3 is a Web3 social network of verifiable identities where teams build meaningful relationships with communities. It is built with CyberConnect and focuses on the need to reconstruct the idea of community building in Web3 in a way that shifts the narrative focus from short-term, speculative activity to long-term, trust-based connections. The W3ST (Web3 Status Token) token Link3 is a non-transferable NFT with on-chain issuer reference and it enables communities to build meaningful connections with their members by placing signal over noise. CyberConnect token is getting launched soon and you can think about collecting the CyberConnect FanPass at Link3. The active users of the protocol are supposed to be rewarded in future.

Phaver: Phaver's decentralized social app brings you the best of Web3 without the complex UX that usually comes along with it. It is powered by Lens Protocol and CyberConnect. Lens Protocol is in beta and requires invitation so, you can use Phaver to discover and follow the on-chain content, even before you get yourself a coveted Lens profile. Without having any crypto knowledge, you can use the mobile app. It works on ios and Android. Recently, they have launched Cred or Credibility Score which is a new way to identify and reward genuine users. You are going to be rewarded with the platform token later based on your Cred Score.

DeBank Stream: DeBank is a web3 infrastructure company. Recently, they have launched a social media called DeBank Stream. Connect your Metamask and start using it. DeBank has no governance token and the early users should be rewarded. DeBank has 9 investors including Coinbase Ventures and Sequoia Capital. So, it may be big.

Farcaster: Farcaster is a sufficiently decentralized social network. Farcaster is built as an open protocol and has many client apps. You can pick your favourite one, or even use many at the same time. With Farcaster, public data is freely available, and you can always switch between apps. It is an invite-only network as of now. If you want to explore the platform, join their Telegram. Farcaster is a tokenless protocol and it may reward the active users in future.

Yup: With the help of this app, you can cross-post across Farcaster, Bluesky, Twitter and see the content of all web3 social in one feed. The native token is $YUP and it is rewarded to the users. The mobile waitlist link is here.

Firefly: Firefly is a Web3 Social Aggregator Powered by Mask Network. It provides a seamless social experience across Lens, Twitter and Farcaster integration is planned. Here is the mobile app waitlist link. The early users may get rewarded in future.

KlubX: KlubX recently launched beta. Use your Metamask to join KlubX. Progress in a secure and anonymous ecosystem. Personalize your profile with your assets. The mobile app works on ios and Android. There is no native token of KlubX and the early users of the app should get rewarded. The users are already getting an off-chain $KXP bonus.

Damus: Damus is a supercharged social network built on nostr, an open protocol that enables a truly censorship-resistant and global social network. Social media has developed into a key way information flows around the world today but unfortunately, our current social media systems are broken. Damus wants to solve that with nostr. The mobile app works only on ios. Neither nostr nor Damus has any native token. It is possible that the early users will be rewarded.

Distrikt: Distrikt is a decentralized social media network that empowers users. It runs on the Internet Computer blockchain and gives users ownership and authority over their identity and data. All Distrikt’s engagements, uploads, and exchanges occur on-chain. In comparison to existing platforms, Distrikt is a combination of LinkedIn & Twitter, except it is decentralized, user-governed, and user-owned. The mobile app works on ios and Android. There is no native token of Distrikt and the early users of the app should get rewarded.

Web3 Campaign Platforms

Galxe: Galxe is the leading platform for building the Web3 community. With over 11 million unique users, Galxe has propelled the growth of Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and more than 2900 partners with reward-based loyalty programs. You can earn NFTs/OATs/tokens by contributing to your favourite Web3 community here. A lot of campaigns are run regularly here.

Layer3: Layer3 is a DAPP discovery platform, mainly designed around learning experiences for new web3 users. It familiarizes users with new projects and helps them to answer quizzes and do on-chain activities. While you do activities, you grow your reputation inside the Layer3 ecosystem. Layer3 has no governance token now. The adopters are supposed to be rewarded in future. Layer3 has 12 investors including Lattice Capital and Third Prime.

Zealy: Zealy helps web2 and web3 companies engage with their communities by giving them tasks that they can achieve in exchange for various rewards. The platform was known by Crew3 earlier and changed its name to Zealy months back. You can find different quest boards there and earn potential rewards.

Soquest: SoQuest, backed by Kucoin Ventures, is a Web3 portal to earn rewards and build identities. The platform is like Galxe and you can get crypto rewards, NFT, and OATs. To ensure an equitable distribution of future token airdrops, Soquest mining kicked off some days back. The social mining will be continued for 6 months and a total of 500 million Gemstone supplies will be allocated. Gemstones can be converted to the platform token later.

Questn: Questn is a quest-to-earn platform. The gas fee is generally covered by QuestN when claiming rewards from several communities on BSC. The number of each type of reward can be different, and the faster questers complete, the better prize they win. The mobile app works on ios and Android. This platform does not have any governance token.

Intract: Intract is a new platform to learn web3, participate in quests and contests, earn engaging rewards, and have fun, all in one place. Recently, their zkEVM Saga received excellent popularity. This platform does not have any governance token.

Taskon: TaskOn is a platform that boosts the completion of various Web3 tasks in a decentralized way. It helps task initiators and implementers to collaborate. The site is new and often problematic. This platform does not have any governance token.

Web3 Wallets

Web3 Wallets have set a new industry standard in creating new ways to own. Every day new decentralized wallets are being launched and maximum have no governance tokens. You can import your Metamask or original wallet keys to them and use but consider the risk factor. Zerion, Rabby and Taho are some projects which show good promise. None of them have any governance token. It may be a good idea to use these.

Web Browsing through Brave

Brave Browser is a simple browser just like google chrome (3 times faster than Chrome) but it comes with several features to improve your web browsing experience. The browser comes with a built-in ad blocker and makes your web browsing experience awesome. Brave is available to download on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems. If you enable Brave ads, you can earn $BAT tokens for viewing ads while you browse. Please remember that BAT is a top cryptocurrency project.

Using Presearch instead of Google

Presearch did their ICO in 2017. It was born from the realization that Google was attaining monstrous power. Google’s market dominance was already killing competition. The alternative to Google can not be another Google. Could there be a decentralized alternative to Google? Presearch saw the day of the light with this thought. $PRE is the native token of Presearch. You can use Presearch (mobile app/browser extension) and get some free $PRE tokens for searching. Presearch also has a nice referral scheme.


There are many more applications or platforms which you can use for potential future rewards. This article tries to compile the popular ones and may miss quite a few options. Every option may not fit every individual’s needs, so please judge what suits your requirement and time. Also, please DYOR before opting for any of the projects cited in the article.

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