Chad Farmer's Story

By paragism | paragism | 7 Nov 2020

Chad is quietly sitting in his favourite rooftop cabin. It’s late-night and the moon is still bright. Is it a full moon night? Grandma used to tell that “release your burdens into the moonbeam”. Chad takes a deep breath in the magical light. The day won’t return soon and this night will be longer than ever. The ghostly landscape of the mountain is visible but there is a spirit of positive energy in this valley. Chad grew up here in a family farm. He liked snow but hated the lonely peaks of the mountain. He was a bit afraid of heights in his childhood. Time flows like a river and changes its course. Chad looks down from the edges of the rooftop but he seems to be empty of fear. Some random thoughts are flying in his mind.
This woody cabin is the most desired place of Chad. This is the orbit where he spends maximum time of the day and plans to grow crops. Family and friends call him Chad. The tribe calls him Chad Farmer. Yes, Chad is a proud farmer. Some months back, Chad founded ‘Harvest Finance’ and the tribe grew like hell. Chad liked to drive his dad’s old tractor during his early youth. The machine yoked him to the soil and its high wheels reminded him that it was ready to leap. Chad didn’t join his family farm after completing a college degree. He became a DeFi farmer. Chad’s Harvest Finance automatically farms the highest yield available from the newest DeFi protocols and the yield gets optimized using the high-end farming technique. Chad made the token ‘FARM’ to govern his autonomous hedge fund. FARM also drives the economy of his tribe. All FARM holders receive regular crops. Chad wanted to make farming easy, economic and safe. It was very expensive to farm alone due to arbitrary and high gas price, so Chad pooled everyone’s funds together and to tried to save on gas. Chad’s venture was an overnight hit. Many fellow farmers joined his tribe and it grew with a big bang. “Do you know what I wanted to make for you?” Chad asked his tribe in his first webinar. The tribe cheered, “bread for all”. Chad smiled with a shining face.

It was another beautiful dawn on the farm. New, raw and splendidly honest. The sunlight was spilling over the distant mountain and teasing the shadows of new crops. The dewdrops kissed the flowers and the soil quenched its thirst with the last night’s gentle rain. Chad just started to work on a new smart contract code with a cup of coffee. A few days ago, he introduced a new pool that had a fresh and updated vault with strategy splitter, time-lock, and proxy contracts. The hunter-gatherers were pouring funds there. Chad wanted to make every farmer’s life easy. Crop migration was an uphill task. Chad and his team have migrated crops successfully in the last few weeks. Harvesting must be easily accessible to anybody under the sun. Chad desired to create the most inclusive and enjoyable farm in the land. Suddenly there was a sound of heavy steps in the stairs. Some fellow farmers entered Chad’s cabin. “There is an attack”, Jeremy, Chad’s most trusted captain uttered in a shivering voice.

“What the hell?” Chad stared into Jeremy's eyes in disbelief.

“Yeah, USDC and USDT crop vaults are affected. The attacker has manipulated crop value and exited the crop vault generating a profit.”

By the time Jeremy finished, Chad’s instant messenger got filled up with numerous queries. Chad is answerable to the tribe. Unexpected things happen in life and Chad was really unprepared for this. Where did the codes go wrong?

The day passed like a hailstorm and this night seems long. Very long! The greatest virtue of sorrow is that feeling sad is no crime. Chad gazes at the sky. The sky looks like a mirror. Infinite reflections contract the pupils of his eyes. It’s going to be a sleepless night. The vast mountain spreads over the skyline, visible from his window. The peaks are really high. Do they ever reach the sky? This spring, the trees really stretched themselves on them. The bareness of the woods is gone. This is the pattern of the year. The amorphous distant greens, the silhouette reflected on the sky and the incandescent moon – this night won’t last forever. Grandma used to follow the lunar calendar very religiously and remind Chad about the start of the lunar month for an unknown reason. It is hard to track the lunar diary really. Chad googles on his phone. Yes, it is a full moon night. The nightfall’s beauty graces Chad’s eyes. Chad is in peace with oneness. Let this night pass in snail speed.

There is a feather touch of liquid gold in the sky now. The morning aims to smile from the kiss of the night. Chad watches the glory that brings the day. The sunlight will burn the eastern rims soon and pierce the clouds. Here’s another day. Why don’t we always realize the surreal splendour that surrounds us? A chilling wind starts blowing and a flock of singing bluebirds jump on the back of the wind. None knows where the wind comes from and where it goes. Winter should be arriving soon. The snow-capped mountain will rise from the sea of pines. Chad will try to climb the snow peak’s flashing height this time. A bleeding heart isn’t always torn. Life isn’t an empty dream and the soul can’t remain in slumber. Chad will learn where he went wrong. It is going to be a long quest. He’ll earnestly search to triumph again. The rising sun seems like a warm loaf of bread. Chad will build again. He’ll build for his tribe. The harvesting dream must come true. Chad Farmer has seen the nadir and he’ll see the prime.

Note: All the images are created by the author using free vectors. Some pictures are sourced from Harvest Finance website and those were modified to be used here.

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