Parachute Weekly Update: TTR crew video series, MatchBX Climate Bounties, HYDRO “powered by Oracle”, SelfKey on Constant... – 30 Aug - 5 Sep'19

By Abhijoy Sarkar | Parachute-Fans | 9 Sep 2019

Sup folks! With this update, we will be completely upto speed with the latest in the Parachuteverse. Also this is a biggie. Parachuters from across the globe shared a slice of their life with us. This is going to be a fun ride. Buckle up! Here’s your week at Parachute (30 Aug - 5 Sep'19):


This week’s 20k PAR winner from the Big Brother contest was BlackBullShark for correctly picking Michie as Head of Household. Congrats mate! And a belated Happy Birthday to Rene. Hope you had a blast. The tip storm you started in Wysker was definitely a thing to see. Unique hosted a trivia in TTR based on Maths and had a 25k PAR pool. Not bad at all. After a lot of deliberation, MUXE was delisted from ParJar. Read Cap’s article to know why. If you hold MUXE in your ParJar, worry not. Your balance is intact and it can still be withdrawn. Delisting means it cannot be tipped or deposited anymore. Benjamin’s Analysis Reports are a reader's delight. This week, the 2nd edition of The Parachute Post was released. Thanks for all the effort you put into these, mate. Victor hosted a trivia in TTR for 25k PAR in prizes. 15 questions worth 1.7k PAR each. Saweet! As you already know, the #PAR4PAR staking contest is now in stage 2. Click here to read details about it.

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Alexis’ haul from the Parachute Beer Exchange. Courtesy: Joakim


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Cap got hooked to @k16v5q5’s keychains as well


We had one of the coolest contests in Tip Room so far. Shoot a video of your surroundings, of your city, of your life. And win some cool PAR. A Parachuters-Around-The-World video series. While we did have some winners in the end, every single entry deserves a shoutout. So here it goes:

  • Sondra (@Wingssosoft), thanks for a perfect start to the series by launching a literal Parachute from your balcony. It set up all the videos that followed like a Parachute that floated around the world.

  • Victor (@Vitico96), your city looks beautiful at sunset. Thanks for sharing those breathtaking views with us, Doc.

  • Tee Wai (@Trojak12), the river looked so serene and seems like a perfect setting for a boat ride. Thanks for capturing your home on camera.

  • Alejandro (@SmilaX96), what a great fishing spot! Thanks for sharing.

  • @ramsal12, loved the background music. Thank you for sharing the views around your house.

  • K V (@okodoko), the Greek countryside looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing snippets from your hike.

  • Foo (@MrDotsman), what can I say? You have the best views from your house in all of ParachuteLand. We are all jealous! And what did you buy in the end? Haha.

  • Lea (@lea8ndrea), super peaceful surroundings. Bet that pudding cocktail was delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  • @GodRACE), TTR Admins are the best indeed. And the church complex looks huge! Thanks for sharing.

  • Gisele (@giseleferreira) - I imagine the song was about the dog. It was a nice tune. Thanks.

  • @GeneralChumong, you guys look rad in those colorful attires! And what were you having for lunch? Thank you for capturing a glimpse of your life for us.

  • Elena (@elenademou), we can hear you loud and clear despite the wind and music. Haha. And your kid is super cute. Get'im into crypto while he is young! A nice stack of 1UP and PAR to get his college funds going.

  • Borna (@CroPurger), Amen to that! Strawberries for PAR. Love it.

  • @Charlotte90, the Nature Church is beautiful. Wonderful pictures and great walkaround too. And thanks for sharing your ride video. Tuktuks are awesome.

  • Unique (@Ampog), dayum mate! This has to be one of the most well made videos in the whole series. Screenplay, background music, script, props. A full blown production piece. Great garden too.

  • Thiago (@Thiagodoming), adorable kid, awesome play area, and a great view. Thanks for sharing!

  • @thelonewolf112, the campus grounds look great. Best of Luck at University mate. Crush it!

  • @Smdvali, thanks for sharing the various views from around your city, snippets from your tea break and glimpses from your work. That Janmashtami pandal looked amazing.

  • Tito (@runingq), loved the music and the dancing guy at the start. Haha. Thanks for making the video.

  • Robert (@robertclaudiu), lovely office and a great piece of equipment you got there at work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ric (@Riggi98), you sound like an epic movie narrator. Very Thomas Sanders like. Haha.

  • @PurpleLoverO8, so much green, so much awesomeness! Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Pika (@pika143), looks like a great place for a quick break. Thanks for capturing it on camera.

  • @PeaceLove89, make a ParJar for your wife too! Then she will know why you spend so much time here. Haha. And breathtaking views too mate. Thanks.

  • @Mamihonik, those kids are hilarious. Lol! And thanks for sharing views from around your house.

  • Jeff (@jehggiurd), great fun little video mate! And perfect background song. Thanks for the walkaround.

  • Kauan (@ChefiaMaster), thank you for the performance. Though many of us didn't understand the language, we loved the music.

  • @AlteregoPT, those have to be one of the best views of Lisbon. Thank you for sharing.

  • Rogel (@Akoysayo), thanks for sharing a glimpse of your home with us.

  • And finally, Harry (@harrrr12) dude! Though this wasn't for the contest, it has to be one of the most beautiful places shared so far. Thanks for this.

A million thanks to everyone who took part. As Cap says: "It's beyond inspiring to see how cryptocurrency lives with so many Parachuters from so many different backgrounds".

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Snapshots from Victor's TTR Video submission for “Around the PAR World”. Beautiful!


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Ric and Alexis setting #PARTravel Goals


The PayWithMoon (Moon) application is now part of the aXpire Blockchain Community as one of the companies in which aXpire has made an equity investment. Moon will have synergy with the upcoming PayBX product. Help create a greener world with the new Climate Bounties on MatchBX and earn some crypto for it. Win win! Victor’s weekly trivia at aXpire was a ton of fun. 10 questions. 1000 AXPR in total given out. Nice! This week’s aXpire burn saw 200k AXPR being sent to the genesis wallet. Damn! Hope you had a moment to participate in the aXpire + ThatMartiniGuy giveaway announced last week. 500 USD worth of BTC is up for grabs. CF made an awesome walkthrough video for the 2gether registration process. Check it out! 2gether got selected by The Juan Roig accelerator to be a part of the cohort. Woot! The BOMBX snapshot took place on the 1st of September. The XIO distribution will happen in the following weeks. Zach uploaded a video to explain how XIO will work in the BOMBX ecosystem and about the XIO portal. For 1000 XIO, what do you reckon the XIO Roadmap should be named? Let’em know here. And did you know that Etherscan now has a dedicated section for deflationary tokens? Good going BOMB for showing the way. 50+ startups have already applied for the XIO Incubator. Zachary invites in to chime in regarding the type of project that should go into the program. The latest Birdchain report details stats from the beta testing of SMS feature, CoinMarketCap listing etc. The three finalists of the Birdchain Art Contest was revealed in CEO Joao’s live stream which also covered other news from the project.

Post image

One of the three finalists of the Birdchain Art Contest. Courtesy: @TarantuloTV


Keep a track of Bounty0x news from their Republic page. The latest update is a summary of all events in August many of which have been covered by us already. The Switch token swap is now complete. The new token has been airdropped to ESH holders. Find all info about the new ESH token here. Fantom fans, if you want to see FTM listed on the Vietnamese BCNEX exchange, you can vote in their ongoing campaign. An upgrade to Fantom’s StakeDAG paper, the StairDAG was released which talks about a new consensus mechanism. For a quick recap of the month that was at Uptrennd, have a read of Jeff’s article. Jeff will also be interviewing OmiseGo CTO Robin Clart next week. So if you have questions about the OMG project, make sure to post it in reply to this tweet. Questions that make it to the interview will win USD 25 in 1UP tokens. Noice! One more public vote for an Uptrennd review went live this week. The platform is targeted to hit a few milestones this month. Go get’em! Opacity’s August update report was published this week as well. This update talks about growth metrics on the platform. Plus, there’s an ongoing giveaway for 2TB of storage space. Get on it!

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Opacity Account Growth and Forecast


Catch up on the latest at District0x from the Weekly and Dev Report. The DANK faucet is now functional. Yay! Hydro Co-Founder Mike Kane was at the FiNext Conference this week to talk about Libra vs Hydrogen’s own Molecule. And if you are in Mexico, don’t forget to say Hi to the Hydro team who will be attending and presenting at the FINNOSUMMIT on the 13th. Hydrogen (along with TD Bank) won this year’s Tearsheet Award for Best Bank + FinTech Partnership. Hydro will host a webinar on the 19th on Open Banking. Click here to register. We had mentioned in a previous update that Hydrogen’s Atom solution was added to the Oracle Marketplace a while back. In latest news, the entire gamut of Hydro APIs now has the “Powered by Oracle” status. Sweet! This was also covered by Coindesk. HYDRO was the featured token on Publish0x back in April. Here’s some key figures from the campaign: 84k+ tips, ~640k HYDRO tipped out, 28k+ page views. Wow! Biz Dev Mark Anstead sat down with defiprime to talk about the platform for their blog post feature. Hydro Labs launched their Enterprise Solution initiative to build customised solutions for enterprise grade client. To get a recap of the latest developer and community news, click here and here respectively.

Post image

Stats from the HYDRO campaign on Publish0x


Silent Notary rebranded its blockchain brand from Chain-in-Law (CiL) to Integrated Distributed Ledgers (IDL) so as to better reflect its mission and vision. Check out the IDL website here. Silent Notary’s Ubikiri wallet entered into a partnership with CryptoTribunal to help with legal prosecution in cases of fraud in the blockchain industry. What will Ubikiri’s role be in this partnership you ask? Here’s an article to explain it. We have shared earlier that after the setback during STO, Blockport had to downsize its operations. The team shared an update this week after a while. They are exploring options to get the platform back on track. Best of Luck guys! The latest WandX development update also covers a 3 month roadmap. Sentivate Co-Founder Thomas DeMarchi appeared for an AMA with the Crypto Nation community. Sentivate did one of the biggest code pushes this week. Read all about it here. Sentivate Co-Founder Lew Knopp’s article on Arity (the project that built Sentivate) was published by The Daily Chain. Mycro’s MYO tokensale was officially closed this week. And with that, their bounty competition came to an end as well. The team continues to work on the Mycro Hunter app and is currently in the storyboarding phase.

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During this phase of development, the Mycro team visualises navigation and process flow


We had shared in an earlier update about OST’s solution to create custom tokens. This week, the platform opened up UI components for developers to integrate crypto wallets in their apps. The Pepo app will soon be in closed beta. Let the team know if you would like early access or a private preview. now has a live ticker of the mainnet transactions on the OST chain. You can borrow on the Constant platform with SelfKey’s KEY token as a collateral. All borrowings before the 10th of this month will also get discounted rates. In this week’s data threat advisories, we learnt about rogue security softwaretrojan horse and pharming. If you missed the first part of the series, here’s a rundown. Following up on last week’s USAF deal news, Constellation got more coverage this week from Cointelegraph on an article that explores what the Pentagon is looking into vis-à-vis blockchains. Plus, a shoutout from Blockfolio is always special. CEO Benjamin Jorgensen and Biz Dev Benjamin Diggles were interviewed by BlockchainBrad (Brad Laurie) on all things Constellation. And to close for the week, Constellation announced a partnership with Moonrock Capital to "collaborate on education and marketing around $DAG".


And with that, we are all caught up. Whew! That was fun. See you again soon with another exciting update from Parachute + partners. Cheerio!


This article is a repost of our weekly update post.

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