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By Mimid | Papuyu | 17 Mar 2021

At the time this article written, current price for $SLP is $0.098, and that's high! for people who just figure out what is this token, I will try to explain what this cute little potion is.

Small Love Potion is an utility token from Axie Infinity, where everyone who play the game can earn and mint it to ethereum main net. In order to breed axies (SLP burned and new Axie born), we need this token (and its only utility). Since its ERC-20, you can trade it via uniswap or cex like binance. The cap is unlimited but it burn when someone making new Axies. Price went up and down depends on what happen in Axie Infinity (more people breed more people buy SLP = price go up). 

This is the Token that most Axie players sell/earn from. Its simple, you play the game > mint > sell. (beside you can use any another way, this is the simplest way to earn in Axie Infinity, no brainer).

At least 150 SLP can be earned daily, with current price we can call it $140 a day. Its a huge number for us who living in "blooming country" like Indonesia.

Love Story

As you can read here you can find how many people getting blessed because of playing Axie Infinity in Philippines here's some recap from Indonesian as well

Come from Meow Purple, she can save enough to upgrade her laptop to do more productivity in creating content.

Ari Budi Santoso make smart move by using the SLP gained for his new cage business, machine, raw material are started from SLP.

This saw table is funded fully by SLP


and yet this man telling the internet that he bought plot of real life land using only SLP he earn. Dmed via Telegram asking for the confirmation about is the tweet is joke or not, I got slapped by his censored invoice in the chat 


Yes you are right, its fully from SLP gained in about 3 month

No further information regarding how much SLP he earn in that 3 month, but it was worth it

In Facebook, group of players gathering fund to help peoples who needed.

I also earn! I'm deciding to buy new Monitor for my computer (before using TV), share it on Facebook group and asking what things people spent from SLP


Some comments:


So we earn love and spread love! Thank you Axie Infinity for this such opportunity for us!

I know its just some screenshot and tweet, the thing is Axie Infinity is really solve some of its players financial problems, will try to dig more for "Axie Bless" post and update this article, for now that's it folks.

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