Convincing some of the local shops in my area to accept crypto. This is a real story.

By Papa Lou | Educational Papa | 22 Apr 2021

I know, I know, we in this space tend to not like guides, and we don't like self stories.

However, I do feel it necessary to show how adoption can start at home, in your communities, and doesn't always need to be on some massive scale.

TL;DR: Slowly brought up crypto to a local coffee shop, and a local barbershop. It was brought up naturally in conversation, not a push. Over time, the shops began to see crypto as a business advantage rather than a scary thing.

Okay, so here's what happened.

I frequent my local coffee shops and barbershop as much as I can. COVID restrictions are lifting, and more people are going out. I'm a big proponent of supporting locals, so I make it a point to try and support these places with my fiat.

Anyway, I've gotten to know the owners of these shops quite well over the years, so we often swap business ideas, advice, etc.

The last few times I've gone, the conversation inevitably shifts to how COVID changed a lot of things for small businesses. Online booking/ordering, touchless payment options, and delivery services.

So this past time I casually said, in so many words since both conversations were different, “you know, it's interesting because COVID also created a demand for cryptocurrency as well. The stimulus, while needed, spooked a lot of people in regards to government inflation, and the move to digital payments created a desire for crypto as payment.”

In both cases, the owner's responses were to the tune of, “you know what, I've been thinking about this actually, maybe starting with crypto as tips for our barbers/baristas, and maybe move into a crypto payment option. You might as well stay ahead of the curve. Be the progressive shop that accepts crypto.”

I agreed in both cases and mentioned that it would take some work to understand the taxes, which crypto to accept, etc., but the payoff would be great. Both owners agreed and said they'd implement something soon.

So the point was this. There was no pressure, no hysteria, no forced adoption. Just friends are having a chat and being open-minded to what the possibilities of cryptocurrency can do for small businesses on main street USA.

I, for one, applaud them and hope more business do the same in the future.

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