Camping Will Save Your Portfolio

By Papa Lou | Educational Papa | 24 Apr 2021

As I typed this, I was in a tent, with my wife, two dogs, a campfire going - looking out over a calm, tranquil lake.

Poor cellular reception, our phones were about to die, it was drizzling, but we had coffee, food, and were content.

Before we decided to go on a two-day - one-night trip, the crypto market started to dive. Speculation regarding proposed tax plans created a frenzy, a frenzy compounded on top of the dive created by blackouts and over collateralized loans.

Things can look grim for new investors.

Now, we're long-term HODLers, but that doesn't mean we're impervious to FUD. It can sink in and question your plan, what your goals are.

But let me tell you something, go camping.

It doesn't need to cost much. We bought everything we needed at Walmart for $150, including food. Go rough it.

There's something purifying about nature and getting back to the basics of humanity. The basics of “I think. Therefore I am.”

Your portfolio will be there when you get home, but you'll have a renewed vision of your financial time horizon.

Some may look at this as fluffy BS, but trust me, I haven't opened my portfolio once.

Good luck, keep HODLing, and now I'll go back to enjoying nature.

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Educational Papa
Educational Papa

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