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Manual Trading Vs. Automated Trading… Who’s the winner ?

By Panther Quant | Panther Quant | 10 Nov 2021


Manual trading has been considered a skill. But it ain’t just a skill because there is an element of luck involved. It has been considered a game, naturally so because it is indeed a zero-sum game. It has been considered a gamble, but it’s not because several models exist that can help predict the market to certain degree. And the deviations from those predictions are not too far off if the right models are used.

Now, all of this can be considered absolutely true for traditional financial markets. But, when it comes to the crypto markets, there is seemingly a sense of ‘luck’ involved. Why? Because the market is quite deep and a major protocol is emerging in the space every single day — how can a profit-hungry investor keep up with the rapid pace? In that scenario, the only winning strategy
that some investors adopt is being at the right place at the right time.
But, in a rapidly growing industry where the market moves at the drop of a hat, what can an investor do to stay ahead of the game?

An obvious answer is Algorithmic Trading.

How does algorithmic trading help?
One of the key features of algorithmic trading that makes it stand out as opposed to manual trading is that it helps cover a much wider market in cryptocurrency without breaking a sweat.
Just think about the massive shifts in high-cap cryptocurrencies along with altcoins — those changes are very hard to keep a track of. But, if a predetermined set of factors have been zeroed out that will be used for ascertaining the positions that need to be opened within the markets,
then that can help cover circumvent around the problems that manual traders face. Thus the scope of trading increases massively with the help of automated trading — this means that traders can get a wider lateral view of the market.
Another benefit is speed — an automated bot is much faster in executing trades over the market than a human being whose rational can be overtaken by the speed with which the market moves.
Add to that the ability to do back-testing and hyperoptimizing your trades. You get enough chances to test and dry run your trading strategies on your assets before they are implemented in the real markets.
Information overflow is often cited as one of the major problems for traders these days. Just a couple years ago, financial managers and investment banks were considered the top holders of that one key that would unlock lucrative yield and long-term profits. However, that has changed with the advent of various analytics tools and research platforms that give actionable insights
down to the T.

However, there is certainly an over-flooding of these information providers that is creating more chaos than solving problems. As a result, traders are left even more confused and in a much harder position to understand how they can find a way around the markets. This is where algorithms help. Traders have the option to select from a basket of indicators based on which
their positions on the pre-selected assets can be opened.

Since traders have the option to keep the entire process automated, they can easily monitor their own trading strategies play out in actual markets. This helps them look at their positions and their favorite assets from a more strategic and practical mindset, rather than make an emotional
mistake that they would regret later.

And that is why decided to introduce Panther Quant to the crypto world. The platform is being launched with one clear objective — to provide the traders with actionable insights on the prevailing sentiments of the market by utilizing the abilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Panther Quant
Panther Quant

Panther Quant -First Revolutionary blockchain based Algo-Trading Platform to use Artificial Intelligence for sentiment analysis on the live crypto market with First ever “Functional” NFT & much more !

Panther Quant
Panther Quant

Panther Quant - $PNTQ - First ever Revolutionary blockchain based Algo-Trading Platform to use Artificial Intelligence for sentiment analysis on the live crypto market with First ever “Functional” NFT & much more !

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