Renaming Racism

By Panik Politics | PanikPolitics | 13 Jul 2020

Statues and monuments are crumbling all over the world. Protesters, BLM activists, and other groups gather to tear down statues that they report to represent racism. But to what end?

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Based on American ideology and whimsical logic, citizens across the globe have now decided that destruction of historic monuments combats and ends racism. Therefore, if defacing a statue or monument wipes the slate clean, then any name associated, used, or profited on with “racist” stems should also be removed and re-branded.

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Chicago: The city of Chicago is named after a word coined by Robert de LaSalle; it is a French rendering of the Native American word “shikaakwa”. In a 1679 memoir, Robert de LaSalle made the first reference to the land currently known to be Chicago as “Checagou”.

Robert de LaSelle was a French explorer; he started in Montreal/ Fort Frontenac then swiftly took Native American lands (Chicago) to colonize, and by 1682 seized Louisiana for France… A southern SLAVE trade state.

According to the “logic” of removing statues and monuments that represent racism to fight racism, it is time to panik.

>Please rename Chicago and all associated press, businesses, and companies with Chicago in their names. It is offensive.

>Chicago Tribune

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Seattle: Seattle was named after Chief Seattle, a Suquamish and Duwamish chief.

“A leading figure among his people, he pursued a path of accommodation to white settlers, forming a personal relationship with “Doc” Maynard. The city of Seattle, in the U.S. state of Washington, was named after him.”

According to various media sources, led by the mayor of Duluth, Minnesota, the term “Chief” is very offensive. It should be removed from city job titles. But what about an entire city named after a Chief- a territory that he had to “accommodate” and then hand over to white settlers.

According to the mayor’s “logic” it is time to panik.

>Please rename Seattle and all associated press, businesses, and companies with Seattle in their names. It is offensive.

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New York City: The largest city in the United States of America, the origin of the name New York is particularly interesting. New York City, a Democrat dominated city, the progressive American Museum of Natural History has agreed to remove the bronze statue of President Theodore Roosevelt. This progressive city was named after York. King Charles II gave this land to the Duke of York (soon to become James II), his brother. It is well documented history that the Duke of York led a monopoly on British trade with West Africa, specifically including silver, gold and a massive amount of slaves.

New York citizens, it is time to rise up… it is time to panik.

>Please rename New York City.. and the state.. and all associated press, businesses, and companies with New York in their names. It is offensive.

>This includes baseball yah Yankee fans.

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Atlanta: Atlanta, also known as A-Town, was named by J. Edgar Thomson. He was the Chief (racist title) Engineer of the Georgia Railroad. While various versions of the story exists on how he chose this name, most sources report that Thomson named the city for former Governor Wilson Lumpkin’s daughters.

The Georgia Railroad was built on the backs of slaves and Cherokee removal; Thomson, a racist, named Atlanta to impress Governor Wilson Lumpkin. Lumpkin has various political writings detailed on google- as well as one discussing a profound amount of slave births.

There it is Atlanta- time to panik.

>Please rename Atlanta and all associated press, businesses, and companies with Atlanta in their names. It is offensive.

>This includes A-Town gear.

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Philadelphia: Philadelphia is known as the city of Brotherly Love.

“Why is Philadelphia called the City of Brotherly Love? “Philadelphia” is a combination of two Greek words: love (phileo) and brother (adelphos). The city was named by its founder, William Penn, who envisioned a city of religious tolerance where no one would be persecuted.”

The proprietor of the Province of Pennsylvania, William Penn held 12 slaves on his estate in Pennsbury.

Philadelphia and citizens of Pennsylvania, PANIK!

>Please rename Philadelphia (Pennsylvania included) and all associated press, businesses, and companies with Philadelphia (don’t forget Pennsylvania) in their names. It is offensive.

>This includes the sandwich.. the cheese-steak that is.

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Phoenix: Initially the confederate soldier Swilling wanted to name the new settlement after Stonewall Jackson. After deliberation, it was Darrell Duppa who proposed the name Phoenix, stating the “new town would spring from the ruins of former civilization” (Native Americans).

Duppa referred to Native Americans as ignorant savages, and if ignored “Apache might rush upon their women and take them off to captivity and slavery”

Phoenix… Stop! Panik time.

>Please rename Phoenix and all associated press, businesses, and companies with Phoenix in their names. It is offensive.

>Rename the bird while you’re at it.

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Detroit: A nobleman and French Explorer, Antoine de la Mothe, sieur de Cadillac founded Detroit; the word is French and means “strait.”

Antoine de la Mothe, sieur de Cadillac was a French explorer that traveled from New France (Eastern Canada) to Louisiana. In 1715, Cadillac and his son claimed to have found a copper mine, established a farm, and founded St. Philippe on the east side of the Mississippi River. Cadillac directed the first mining in the place now called Mine La Motte in Missouri. And guess what? You guessed it, brought the first slaves in to work in the mine, and those were the first people of African descent in the state of Missouri.

Detroit.. Paniking yet?

>Please rename Detroit and all associated press, businesses, and companies with Detroit in their names. It is offensive.

>Please rename Missouri and all associated press, businesses, and companies with Missouri in their names. It is super offensive.

>And..don’t forget Cadillac- ya’ll need an immediate change of name

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Baltimore: The Democratic city of Baltimore is named after Cecil Calvert, second Lord Baltimore of the Irish House of Lords; Calver is also the founding proprietor of the Province of the great state of Maryland.

While slaves were brought into Maryland in 1642, their legal status was a question. Calvert fixed this:

“In 1663, the Assembly ruled that slaves should be slaves for life, and that the children of slaves should also be enslaved for life, thus perpetuating the institution of slavery for the next 200 years.”

You guessed it.

>Please rename Baltimore and all associated press, businesses, and companies with Baltimore in their names. It is offensive.

>Maryland is wicked offensive as well.

Whether you like him or not, George Carlin once said:

“American English is loaded with euphemisms, because Americans have a lot of trouble dealing with reality. Americans have trouble facing the truth. So they invent the kind of soft language to protect themselves from it and it gets worse with every generation.”

In a stand up performance, he compared the condition developed from combat, known today as post-traumatic stress disorder, with diagnosis terminology used throughout American history. In the first World War, this same diagnosis was referred to as “Shell Shock.” To soften the stigma associated, during World War II the term “Battle Fatigue” was coined. A generation later, The War in Korea, “Operational Exhaustion” ; and even yet a generation later, The Vietnam War, the very same condition “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” aka PTSD.

Softening the terms, or renaming the diagnosis did not change the underlying problem. How does removing statues, or renaming cities due to founder’s belief systems actually address the problem (implying that you think there is one)? It doesn’t. Instead it softens the language to protect feelings, but it changes nothing in history.

“I’ll bet yah, if we had still been calling it ‘Shell Shock’ some of those Vietnam Veterans might have gotten the attention they needed at the time. I’ll bet yah”

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