How To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog

If you’re wondering about How To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog, then stick with this article, and you’ll find your answer sooner. 

You might have questions on how to make money on Pinterest, such as:

Does Pinterest pay you to pin your content to the platform?

The answer is “No”, there isn’t any such kind of things. So how can you make money from Pinterest? And the answer is pretty simple. You can use Pinterest as a traffic source.

Pinterest is one of the crowded social networking platforms, but what makes it different from the other platforms. Most users use Pinterest with the intention of buying, and that makes a big difference between other platforms. And it’s capable of driving massive amounts of traffic wherever you want. 

So that’s why there are numerous ways to make money on Pinterest, even you don’t need a blog. We are using affiliate marketing for this article.

Do you know affiliate marketing? How does it work, and how can you make money with affiliate marketing using Pinterest traffic?

In this article, I am going to show you how to make money on Pinterest without a blog using affiliate marketing. So let’s dive into it.


Pinterest + Affiliate Marketing

Here comes a term affiliate marketing. It’s a kind process of referring to commission-based products. As an affiliate need to promote your affiliate products in front of other peoples. And when any purchases made through your affiliate link, you’ll get a cut for that sale.

You can use Pinterest to get traffic to your affiliate offers and make money through it. As simple as possible. 

The majority of Pinterest users are women, and they are continuously using Pinterest for taking inspiration about things like Home decor, DIY, Fashion & Beauty, Foods & Recipes, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, etc. 

So if you’re promoting products that appropriate for women, then there is an excellent opportunity to drive affiliate sales from Pinterest.

I’m not saying that there is not any scope for other niche related products. Pinterest is a big platform, and there is always something for everyone. But I mentioned it because, with those types of niche, you will grow faster than any other.

The first thing you should do for this method is selecting a niche, and registering for a Pinterest Business Account. Once you have set up your business account, then create 25-30 Pinterest boards that relevant to your niche. If you don’t know about Pinterest Business Account and Boards, read my article here.


Join Affiliate Networks And Choose Products

Affiliate Networks allows you to promote commission-based products. You have to join some affiliate networks, which provides you niche related products. Here are some popular affiliate programs for Pinterest:

You can sign-up for many affiliate programs, but only join programs that offer products suitable for your niche. After you joined your affiliate program(s), find and choose products to promote.


Build Sales Pages Or Lead Magnet

Pinterest allows row affiliate links that means you can directly send your all traffic to the product’s page. But wait, do you know? Most of the people don’t buy any products from unknown sellers. You can send your traffic directly to companies like Amazon and Esty’s products. Because they are very well known companies, people already trust those companies. So if you’re willing to promote from that kind of affiliate network, then you don’t need for sales pages.

But what would happens when you send your traffic to a Clickbank’s product page? At that time, there are two possibilities, first, they buy the product, and second, they leave the page. And when they leave from your affiliate page, you will never see that person on your affiliate page after that. So here you need a sales page or bridge page. Which helps you heat your cold traffic and collect their emails. 

Now, if people leave your affiliate page, you have their emails, which you can use for email marketing.

You can use Builderall for creating your bridge pages, and GetResponse for sending email sequences. 


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Design Your Pins

Once you selected your products and created your sales pages, it’s to create beautiful and attractive pins for your products. Pinterest is all about vertical images. They grab more attention and more space on Pinterest’s UI. And also, Pinterest’s optimal pin size is now 1000px X 1500px, so it is quite necessary to create tall pins.

Canva is a great online tool for creating this kind of graphics. You can lot of cool pins in Canva, and it’s free of cost. Here are some of my pins, which I created on Canva.

Canva Designs | How To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog  

Take inspiration on Pinterest, and create multiple pins around your one affiliate product, try variations on your pin designs. 

If you’re not able to create pins, then hire someone on Fiverr, who does the job done for you.

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Write SEO Friendly Descriptions

Pinterest is a search engine, and pins are ranking on search queries based on keywords and meta descriptions (Pin Description). If you want to get exposure from Pinterest for a long time, then you have to understand its SEO.

You need to start with keyword research and end up with a good SEO friendly description.
Here are some tips for your Pinterest SEO:

  • Use Pinterest’s search console for finding top searched keywords. Put your main keyword on Pinterest’s search area and note all suggested keywords.


  • Pinterest allows 500 characters for pin description. Write a pin description using keywords you noted earlier. Try to use 2 or 3 keywords naturally in your pin description.
  • If your pin description not exited with 500 characters, then add your rest of keywords at the end of your pin description. 
  • Try to add some hashtags as well.

Pin Description  

Join Tailwind And Schedule Your Pins

After you wrote descriptions for your pins, it’s time to schedule those pins.   

If you want proper results from Pinterest, you need to pin 20-30 times a day. And if you are going to do it manually, it takes a lot of your time.

So, I highly recommend using a scheduler, which makes your job way easy than doing manually. And Tailwind is the best scheduler for Pinterest. It helps you to schedule your pins and growing your Pinterest account. 

Tailwind gives you lots of features which really helpful for tracking your growth on Pinterest. And it suggests you the best optimal times for your pins, according to your audience. It also allows you to access their Tribes & SmartLoop features. Where you can generate numbers of repins, and you can send your evergreen and seasonal pins in a loop.  

Click here and schedule your 100 pins with Tailwind for free. 

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So What Next?

At the end of this article, I highly suggest you use Tailwind and also use their Tribes & SmartLoop features. Join niche related Pinterest group boards, which help you to reach numerous audiences.

If you’re willing to promote products which give you email swipes as a promotional tool. Then use an email marketing tool like GetResponseAnd create autoresponders for your email list subscribers. 

Above featured How To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog, Shows you how to make money on Pinterest without a blog, using Affiliate Marketing. Hopefully, this article provides you better insights about how to make money on Pinterest. Please let me know in the comment section what you think about this article. 

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