How to create an advantage on DeFi market using TradeforImpact platform

How to create an advantage on DeFi market using TradeforImpact platform

By pantomo | Crypto_Deflation | 26 Aug 2020



Trading is an art in which only a few win. Studies show that 80% of players on the market lose their capital. On the crypto market, statistics are similar and absolute numbers speak to the disadvantage of the vast majority of individual investors. So how to be among the remaining 20% of successful crypto investors?

When we think about trading, we may see the archetype of a great trader - someone like Jerry Maguire or stock market shark in the form of legendary Gordon Gekko. However, not everyone is predisposed to become a new Gekko. A realistic approach requires a fair assessment of one's own abilities in comparison with other investors and implementation of the right strategy according to our capabilities.

So how not to become a capital giver for the "whales"? There are a few tips to help us reduce investment risk:

- education

- good risk management strategy

- research

- skillfully emotion filtering

- and above all, dedicated trading algorithms

TradeforImpact - algorithmic trading signals for DeFi tokens and different markets


In the context of creating an advantage over other stock market players, I would like to introduce you to the platform TradeforImpact, which has recently come to my attention due to its very innovative approach to crypto trading.

Trade for Impact is a platform offering entry/exit signals for different markets: stock, precious metals, crypto. The main engine of the platform is a sophisticated algorithm based on almost 40 different confluences, which determines with great accuracy the right entry for buy / sell position. The uniqueness of this solution differs from stock exchange bots, which use the most popular indicators. Using historical data and dozens real-time exchange factors allows to generate very accurate signals for the platform's subscribers. 

XBT/USD with profit - Bitmex


The benefits of Trade for Impact solution:

  • Sophisticated algorithm uses 40 different confluences unlike other stock market bots
  • Using Pine Script vector language for meta-analysis
  • Habituation theory for financial markets as a logical basis for the algorithm
  • Algorithm works with all exchanges compatible with TradingView
  • Signals are sent directly by encrypted communicator
  • Private consultation of any asset for subscribers


Let's see how selected DeFi projects are performing -> 

(yearn Poloniex chart/ USDT)


(And LINK chart create by algorithm with buy/ sell marked indicators)



As the creators of the project assure, the algorithm is highly effective, as evidenced by empirical data. It is also regularly used on the Bitmex exchange (XBT/USD), and the results along with generated profit are made available on live streams by TradeforImpact team.

"Trade for Impact offers two types of service: full signal subscription for a given asset and timeframe for 200 USD/month, or a subscription for 4h BTC signals on Binance as copytrading on Zignaly: 5 USD/month"

In the video below you can see exactly input/output positions indicated by the algorithm - marked with graphical markers.

The project has been developed by a team of experienced programmers and traders for more than 3 years, where combination of passion and methodical work result in creation of TradeforImpact platform - available to investors from all over the world.

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