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By LukeWaiks | Page 2 Crypto | 1 Sep 2021

As Austin Powers said: allow myself to.... #introducemyself


Bitcoin is King but we all know the king is just a dude with a funny hat. Every king needs a kingdom and all the altcoins make up the serfs and soldiers of the empire. That’s why I’m putting out a short, sweet dives into the coins that haven’t yet cracked the Top 100 as ranked on CoinGecko. I want to know their history, what they’ve got going on in the “alt socials” and sneak a peek at their decentralization strategy.

I’m not shilling alts for money. I’m giving an honest look with my practiced eye. Never giving investment advice, almost always ignoring the short term price action and, quite honestly, not giving two shits about the hype. On that, I feel that the Big Tech platforms are giant hype machines and opinion makers. I WANT TO BE AN OPINION MAKER, thus I ignore legacy media and socials, favoring the Decentralized social platforms that- let’s be honest- will be the future.

I do this blog for one reason: to educate myself on the flood of new tokens coming into the cryptosphere.

I want to spot the Crackers and gloat on the Sinkers.

Why? Because in the crypto world, the destiny you achieve is the destiny you earn.

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Freelance journalist aping into the cryptospace

Page 2 Crypto
Page 2 Crypto

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