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Things that you don't know about cryptocurrency!

By limax21 | padey | 9 May 2020

  • Bitcoin was not the first crypto currency .
  • Before BTC  was lunched there were other attempts to create global digital currency , using  the elements of crypto graphy.
  • One of the first attempt was by David chum's as ecash which  was all the way back in 1983.

"ecash was introduced as a way of ensuring privacy and digital payments

an gain popularity through electronic  bainking services avilable for consumers "

  • Cryptocurrency was used in bainking in 90's 

Back then it was used to perform micro task 

payments ranging from 0.25 cents to 10$

and the costumers were about 5000 an along side 

the merchernts were around 300 avilable online 

  • The first BTC transaction was for pizza

In may 2010 

A hungry guy named Laszol hanyecz went on a bitcoin talk fourm in search of dinner which he bought for

10000 during that time 

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