The Utopia of Godly Sorrow

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 4 Dec 2022

The purpose of this article is not to fill people with gratuitous hopelessness, which leads to death.  It's to fill people with purposeful hopelessness, which leads to life.  Or can.  Death is always an option.  At some point, it's the only option.  We don't have a choice.  But with life, we can choose.  It may or may not fall in our laps.  It's possible that life is not our default setting.  We may have to make a choice in favor of it, in spite of every practical reason not to.  That's the purpose of this article.


"For though I made you sorry with a letter, I do not repent, though I did repent: for I perceive that the same epistle hath made you sorry, though it were but for a season.  Now I rejoice, not that ye were made sorry, but that ye sorrowed to repentance: for ye were made sorry after a godly manner, that ye might receive damage by us in nothing.  For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death."  2 Corinthians 7:8-10


The world is falling apart because of sin, but the silver lining is that this is happening so we might be brought to the end of ourselves.  If we don't come to the end of ourselves, we'll not only never repent, but we'll never see the need for it.  "Why should I repent," we'd say, "I have everything I need."  Security, respect, family, money, love, purpose, everything I need.

Everything, except forgiveness.

The real quick point to make about that is that many people will say, "I don't need to be forgiven of anything."  Regardless of what anybody believes, one way or the other, it's either true, or it is not.  You are either a sinner, which is the missing link that separates us from the animals, or you are not.  Regardless of what you, I, or anybody "believes" about it.  You can fall into that pitfall of subjectivity with all the other obvious dupes in our society, if you want to.  No one can stand in your way. 

Choose wisely.

I could just copy and paste the entire article The Reason For The Coming Hell, and leave it at that.  But I'll paste large snippets of it instead.  This article is a postscript to that one.


In The Reason For The Coming Hell, I write, "The reason for the coming hell is simple:  There is still beauty in the world.  There is still a reason for God to relent from wiping the entire works off the map in a one-take scene from a disaster movie tomorrow.  There is still hope.  It's running out, but it's there.  It's being devalued, desecrated, abolished, and destroyed, but still it persists.

God loves us too much to take the world out before He allows (allows) the devil to take control in the form of the world's final dictator, the Antichrist.  Without the Antichrist, the world will always produce works of art in which beauty is trapped like a fly writhing to free himself from the spiderweb of pain.  That beauty is an echo of God, of hope, of the Holy Spirit, of the conscience within us, the desire for innocence and freedom that has long-since been forgotten by most of us, relegated to the world of children and rubes.

In order for God to be "justified" in starting the whole thing over with the Millennial reign as described in Revelation, He has to make sure that everybody knows just who the devil is, exactly.  There can be no doubt.  There can be no more hope in anything outside of God.  There can be no beauty.  This is not now, and will never be, God's doing. 

Satan will be allowed to take control of the world precisely so God can say He gave humanity absolutely every chance to repent, because He knows we won't be able to handle the world the devil wants to create.  And which the devil clearly is creating, in case it isn't obvious."


I've been writing about Kanye West for years, and the topic has always bored me.  The only reason I brought it up in the last article is to make a point about the surprising increase in antisemitism in recent years.  In moments of misanthropic bitterness, I am tempted to think things like, "Kanye West is the fake genius YOU deserve," or that YOUR CULTURE deserves, but that's remedial, self-absorbed, and evil.  Kanye West is the fake genius SIN has reduced all of us to.  He is the fake genius that has boiled down the mediocrity of wickedness to its most fundamental state.  His fake, meandering act, in which he disguises his search for something he's good at as the irrepressible brilliance of a modern Renaissance Man who does everything, could only ever exist in a world in which sin still has free reign over the hearts and minds of every human being made in the image of God.

A world in denial, in other words.


Kanye is the end-game of artless, egomaniacal mediocrity for people who reject God, the idea of God, and who want to be gods themselves.  Everywhere you look, small, apparently-insignificant things betray this larger fact. 

For example, everybody is a "creator" now, and you can't upload a cat video onto YouTube without pushing a button that says "Create," indicating that our culture has been infused with remarkable levels of self-importance.  The word "upload" should suffice, but because everybody is all godlike now (as opposed to god-ly), isn't enough to "upload" a media file that, unlike a planet, solar system, galaxy, black hole, amoeba, kitten, or human child (all of which must be created), can only ever be uploaded.  The act of uploading a cat video is now an act of DIVINE CREATION, not unlike creating a wormhole, or a puppy.  We are all "creators" now, and Kanye is what we get in return for this glaring, gross offense to the natural order, and truth.

Also telling is the fact that when you're looking through your "Creator Studio" (as opposed to LIST OF VIDEOS), at the bottom of the first page it doesn't say "page 1 of 20," or "videos 1-50 of 485," it says "page 1 of many," and "videos 1-50 of about 150," even if you have significantly more than 150 videos uploaded.  The junkie-like need for moral ambivalence is so overwhelming that even the minichrists at YouTube can't tell you how many videos you have, on your own VIDEO LIST PAGE.  A machine, you'd think, would be the one place where an exact number would be easy to find.  But, since the WANNABE CREATORS who programmed it absolutely require everything to be muddy, murky, and impossible to navigate with anything resembling hard moral truth (such as, we're all sinners), they can't even tell you how many videos you've uploaded, until you get to the bottom, and they can no longer deny it.

What unbelievable cowardice, and a huge red flag for everyone who wants to see it.  It's a huge red flag, masquerading as a non-issue, you have the option to ignore.  And indeed, you can ignore it.  But if you choose to look, people who can't even face the video count of some guy who makes cat videos have nowhere near enough courage or honesty to face the reality of their own moral culpability.

To ignore this red flag, is perhaps to plant it in yourself.

Don't do it.


Anyway, Kanye is the genius we ordered by believing God is optional, or perhaps Kanye is the clown that has been unleashed on us as an act of punishment to slap us out of our self-important stupor, who we are now forced to observe, unwittingly mocking us with his ridiculous take on Hitler, and his incomprehensibly-stupid Netanyahu joke.  Never paying for music is a surface issue.  It's true, but that point floats around on the surface of the leaky kiddie pool like a dead leaf.  The fundamental problem is that we aren't gonna make it on our own, we never were going to, we never could, and so we must now either fight the stupidity on its own terms (which is a natural, default setting), run from it while popping nihilistic black pills as we wait for the blissful pillowcase of death to envelop us, or take the hint, heed the warning, and repent.

If you don't, here's a song I wrote just for you.  The "religious lunatics" in the 3rd verse are obviously people who are religious about their politics (especially leftists), and not religious people in the traditional sense.  The point is NOT whether or not you believe in hell, it's whether or not you're going there, regardless of what you believe.  It's supposed to be scary.  If there was nothing to be afraid of, don't you think we would have achieved utopia by now?  Look around.  Do you see anybody who is even remotely capable of imagining the place, nevermind "creating" it and actually leading people there?  For the love of God, I truly hope not.  #delusion


"Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."  1 Corinthians 2:9


Thanks for listening.

p.s.  It's an afterthought, but in fact it's the thought that inspired this article.  I was thinking about the video for George Harrison's, "I've Got My Mind Set On You," as an example of something you never see anymore.  I don't remember when the video came out.  The late 80s, probably.  When it came out, those of us for whom The Beatles meant nothing wondered what the big deal was.  Okay, the song is catchy, but who's this old guy in a room full of animatronic props, and why do I care?

Our parents, of course, enjoyed the song very much.  And while we didn't hate it, and maybe liked it in a passive, indifferent way, we surely were passive and indifferent about it.

The point is, it's the kind of thing you never see anymore.

You never see established artists from decades past, people who not only held the zeitgeist for an extended period of time, but were so powerful (and deservedly so), that they held captive the concept of zeitgeist itself, dictating the terms of its release... you never see people like that coming to the forefront anymore, to offer a new song, and spend their money on a fun and amusing video, before they join a supergroup full of other aging superstars to reboot their career for the Video Age.

You don't see it.  Everyone has retreated.


Because the endgame of sin is death, and not fun, and the golden age of fun has passed.  That's why.  I'm not saying that fun is never had anywhere by anyone, ever; I am saying that people like George Harrison are an endangered species.  The culture that produced him has been destroyed.  Since everyone is a creator now, not only is the culture not producing any new artists, it's driving the truly-creative, maybe even brilliant remnant into the cave of oblivion, which is perhaps the only place they can survive. 

Because really, even the smart people, would they know what to do in a culture that wasn't dominated by identity politics, medical misinformation, entitlement, unqualified diversity hires, real-life Bond villains like Klaus Schwab and his smarmy, slithering underlings, and the antisemitic remarks of an idiotic clown?  It's a rhetorical question; maybe they would, probably they would, but I have my doubts.  This is not the society from which any kind of utopia will spring.  It never has been.  The drop ceiling gets lower every day.  If you want to stand up straight, you have to leave the building entirely, and repent.  All this dystopian nonsense is a blessing in disguise.

Thanks for listening.



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