The Guilt Cartel

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 4 Nov 2023

"International panic
A universal panic
It is a global panic
A universal panic
Panic, panic, panic police,
panic thieves, panic soldiers,
panic governement, panic German government"
Lee "Scratch" Perry


Thanks to the great influx of single, male, fighting-age adherents of the Religion of Peace into Western Europe, there are now sleeper cells of oppressed, unfulfilled happiness waiting for their opportunity to enlighten the world with superior methods of civilization.  The Guilt Cartel, which smuggles secular religious tenets into academia and other institutions, has arranged for these "refugees" to live in 5-star hotels at taxpayer expense.  Unfortunately, most of the citizens of the host countries don't want to assimilate to the refugees' superior way of life.  Even places that have been guilted out of having a national identity are freaking out.  To my great shame as a self-hating white person, even white liberals in Germany have been possessed by Terrorphobia.  My pride in being ashamed of myself has been deeply shaken.  I am truly ashamed (at last!) of the shameless sense of self-preservation that has infected these turncoats like a colonial disease.  The injustice is unbearable.  Or maybe it's the paradox, the spiritual and emotional time-bomb I carry in my heart like a premature, stress-related demise.

Hard to tell.

In England, the Terrorphobes have organized a march on November 11th to commemorate the soldiers who fought against Nazi Germany and other misunderstood bastions of anti-colonial Satanic faux-enlightenment that attempted to liberate Europe from the colonial Jewish oppressors.  Apparently, it's an annual event.  Usually, I'm proud to be a self-hating white person.  At the moment, however, I am ashamed.

Fortunately, myself and several other disgracefully-light-skinned members of the English Guilt Cartel have organized a counter-march on that same date, to provoke the lion into action.  Our goal is to bring chaos to the streets of England, so the people who control us can destroy the rights of everyone.  We have sworn a blood oath to willfully submit to the terrorist liberators and allow them to dispose of us once our purpose as blunt, mindless tools of the globalist elite has been served.  Here's a picture of us that was taken sometime next week, marching down the streets of London in protest against reason, Terrorphobia, and of course Semitism/white guys.


Terrorphobia is a blight on Western society, and prevents it from achieving the kind of enlightenment not experienced in Europe since the Dark Ages.  People who are afraid of Terror are afraid of the blessings that cold, indifferent Darwinism has to offer.  Evolution is the pure religion we need right now, if we're going to submit to our globalist overlords and allow ourselves to be slaughtered en masse for the survival of the self-appointed and important few.  If we can stamp out white guys, Terrorphobes, and Semitism, literally nothing will stand between us and a violent, meaningless death.

Because if there's any way to bring meaning and purpose to our lives, it's to dispose of meaning and purpose, and allow ourselves to be destroyed.

A prominent Jewish Terrorphobe on YouTube recently made the transparently-obvious claim that if Hamas laid down their guns, Gaza would be able to live in peace, but if the Jews laid down their guns, they would be annihilated.  Because he is right, and in full possession of his faculties of reason, I have been programmed to choose to identify as hating him.

Reason is so colonial.

Fortunately, there's a doomed and hopeless plan.  Commanders and high-ranking bureaucrats in the White Guilt Cartel are trying to negotiate a plea deal with eternity, hoping to reduce their sentence from an eternity of hellfire to merely life in hell without parole.  They figure if they just cop to being guilty, they don't have to actually pay for their crimes.  Or "sins," to use an archaic, colonial Jewish word.  The White Guilt Cartel has subjugated itself to the army of Antichrist liberators, the typical assortment of yammering militants who have been doing the will of their father Satan by trying to wipe out the Jews since the days of Moses.  The would-be Pharaonic conquerors made a music video, presumably to intimidate the God who created the Milky Way, the Horsehead Nebula, and your fingerprints with a word.  Not even a snap of His fingers.  Just a word.

Presumably, God is supposed to freak out over a bunch of hooti-fruti tough guys.  Apparently, they think they're gonna force His hand and cause Him to fumble the ball just before we reach the end zone.  What do they think they're gonna do?

Nuke Heaven?

If you've got that kind of time to burn, why not train a mosquito to attack the sun?

Welcome to hell, I suppose.

Self-defense, all up in your face.

In spite of their hopeless, imminent defeat, the army of Antichrist death-fodder will liberate the world from colonial concepts like "stability, security, and peace" in the meantime.  We will bring panic to Babylon, if it's the last thing we do.  Which, according to the Book of Revelation, it will be.

Unless you count weeping and gnashing your teeth for eternity as being "the last" thing you ever do.  Technically, there's no time in eternity, so... our end will never end.  Our defeat will last forever.

In the meantime, however...

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