Sex Theocracy & The Uncooling Of America

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 4 Jul 2021


I never actually went to a rave.  It wasn't my scene.  I wasn't into candy bracelets, rainbow colors, or designer drugs.  I never went down a K-hole, or was ever even in the room with GHB to my knowledge.  I did take Molly a handful of times, but never got into it.  I went to some interesting parties, but they weren't raves.  I've made my share of drug-induced fashion mistakes, but never as a lifestyle choice.  It wasn't a path that attracted me.  I was into street drugs.  Which used to mean, like, 3 things.  Not including weed.  Which isn't really a drug, in my opinion.

I would have gone to a rave, if I'd ever been aware of one.  The music is monotonous, and actually requires people's minds to be anaesthetized, but I wasn't necessarily opposed to that.  Perhaps it is the redundant looping of the music that forces people to subconsciously over-compensate by dressing like bowls of children's breakfast cereal; I have never known.  That music can be fun when you're high on speedy drugs, but it's a Pavlovian art form in the truest sense.  The "beat drops" are the only time anything interesting ever happens, and they loop around and around until you're super-high on the manufactured, chemically-enhanced vibe of the thing.  You can hear it coming, and the DJ takes his pre-recorded sounds and mixes them in a way that is extra-exciting, even more exciting than the last time he did it, 5 or 10 minutes ago.  And it goes around in circles like that for hours, and all kinds of loaded chicks are bouncing off the walls while dressed like Raggedy Ann, and it could be worse, but who wants to stay there?  A bunch of people stimulated into submission by some chemicals and redundant music.  Not interesting.  Not for long.

I feel the same way about Phish, incidentally, all four of whom are actually brilliant musicians.  I saw them twice in the 90's, because I liked the music, but you probably would have had to pay me to follow them around the country.  I would have done it, but not because I wanted to mix with the scene.

So maybe it's me, and my natural disinterest in what is now called "community."  They never called it the "rave community" or the "Phish community" or the "tweeker community" or the "gay community."  The word back then was "scene."  Which indicates something entirely different.  You could go to a gay bar as a straight person with no interest whatsoever in doing anything gay, just to see what the scene was like.  I did it all the time.  Now, you have to at least be a HARDCORE BELIEVER in the central tenets of the "community," or they violently discard you from their lame, undesirable midst.  I was a drunk, mostly, so gay bars were a good place to get way too drunk without having to worry about looking uncool in front of any chicks.  The gay guys never cared, and they never disrespected me or pushed me in any way.  If anything, they were friendly.  I had a gay friend I used to go bar-hopping with in Chicago, or I probably never would have gone to those places, but not even all the GAY BARS festooned themselves in the super-unsightly, tweeker-rainbow club kid aesthetic, like even major corporations and the U.S. Navy are forced to do today.  It is one of the lamest aesthetics I have ever seen, and I associate it with people who take too much speed and need to paint something pink RIGHT NOW.  Their beards, their face, the cat, anything.  Just paint it pink and purple and sprinkle glitter on it NOW before we come down from this stupid place in the fake, synthetic clouds.  It isn't cool.  In my opinion, it never has been.

In this way, whether intentionally or not, the Sex Theocracy has made America (and most of the West) completely and entirely uncool.  There is nothing cool about the rainbow flag.  It is an ugly thing, reminiscent of people who can't tell the difference in happiness and BEING HIGH ON COCAINE.  It is idiotic, because it can't tell the difference in freedom and TAKING YOUR PANTS OFF IN PUBLIC.  It is a Sex Theocracy, because they worship their own unquenchable desires, and idolize the needs of the ridiculous thing in their pants, whatever it is.  It is a Sex Theocracy, because they make the entire society bow and supplicate itself to this false, unappeasable god.  It is long gone, far beyond anything resembling a "scene" of assorted people, usually different, who are into whatever.  It is now a community of people who aren't different in any way, complete with at least one flag to rally around, a list of rigid-yet-mysteriously-everchanging, unquestioned beliefs that must be followed with perfect, unwavering compliance, and an army of adherents willing to commit acts of criminal assault, murder, and other forms of violence to achieve their end of the TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF CIVILIZATION. 

I'm not talking about homosexuals, necessarily.  Homosexuals haven't had a problem with being legally discriminated against since the 1960's.  And before then, what?  They had to live their lives in secret?  Not in fear, mind you, but in secret.  Not Anne Frank secret.  Just not being able to act out in public.  I'm sorry, that's not the most oppressive thing I can think of.  Maybe it was illegal to be gay in the 1950's; I neither know nor care.  They've overplayed their hand spectacularly.  Now, they think they're being discriminated against if less than 100% of the population cares passionately about their tiresome, manufactured non-problems.  But I'm not talking about homosexuals.

I'm talking about people who feel a sense of affinity with the Sex Theocracy "community," whether as direct participants, or mere sympathizers.  Any sense of a "unique and interesting scene of unusual possibly-freaks" that may have existed at one time has long-since been completely drained from the gay "community."  It is now a theocracy, and primed and ready to destroy everything in its path, like the monolithic entity Satan has always intended it to be.

The rainbow flag is also blasphemous, since the rainbow is a symbol of God's covenant between Himself and "every living creature of all flesh" (Genesis 9:15).  Of course, this just makes the theocratic nature of it that much more obvious.  It is a great insult to God, to take a beautiful symbol of God's mercy and co-opt it as a symbol of the degenerate incapacity to ever be appeased by anything.

Because if there's anything the Sex Theocraticians never are, it's happy, satisfied, or appeased.  Which is probably the reason for the co-opting of the word "gay," which used to mean "happy."  But it isn't me saying it.  Proverbs 27:20 says, "Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied."  

It wouldn't be unwise to consider the possibility, before it really is too late.  Which it probably is.  America used to be cool.  James Dean, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood...  cool guys.  Obvious Americans.  Now you get some no-name simp flashing a soymilk smile in a sun dress, with airbrushed facial hair and a never-ending supply of people dressed like children's breakfast cereal applauding his ersatz bravery (which is really cowardice and compliance), whining about their feelings while screaming about inequality and their hatred for themselves and/or white people, or something.

Totally uncool, at best.  Doomed to perdition, at worst.

Nothing good, at least.

As I've been saying for years, "hipness is death to the individual, and only the individual is truly hip."  Hipness always requires the individual to subjugate him or herself to the unyielding, dogmatic will of the collective.  Hipness isn't cool.  It's the opposite of cool.  It's the enemy of cool.  Thank God you don't fit in.  You never were intended to.  Be yourself, and disregard the dogmatic will of the theocracy, as constantly as possible.  The soul you save may be your own.

And if you want to make America cool again, you need to address MRA issues so that men can be men again.  MRA issues are far more important than "trans" issues.  If transsexuals are oppressed, it's by themselves and/or Satan.  Naked men aren't oppressed because they're not allowed in the women's room.  Those people need to be aggressively ignored, at least.  Also, to make America cool again you need to realize that The Chronic wasn't the first album ever made.  The golden age of rap & hip-hop is over.  Grunge lasted less than 10 years.  Hair Metal lasted less than 10 years.  I mean, The Beatles didn't even last 10 years, but hip-hop is going on a 30-year run as the mainstream, go-to art form in music?  That's my definition of a RED FLAG.

Heavy Metal has been relegated to the world of a thousand underground sub-genres for 30 years.  Rightly, in my opinion.  It is time for rap and hip-hop to follow suit.

Also, in addition to completely abandoning any "musician" that can't do anything but rap, it is also necessary to realize that Kanye West not only isn't a genius, but is arguably not musically or artistically talented in any way and should have been a one-hit wonder who passed into the rearview 15 years ago.  The fact that he has been a major star for 15 years is another red flag that needs to be noticed.

It also wouldn't hurt to realize that the warrior class, while cool in its own way, isn't cool the way Miles Davis was cool.  A society of cops and military veterans has a limit on how cool it can be.  While fighter jets passing overhead in formation is cool, it isn't as cool as Jimmy Page.  Or, you need both kinds of cool.  Cool can't survive on rap music and the warrior class alone.  If you want to win the culture war, you need to regain the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.  Or better yet, the arts.  Whining about Hollywood, while easy, natural, and justified, does nothing.  Surely there's been at least ONE person since the Gray State family was killed who has a vision for a film?  I know dozens of musicians personally who WOULD be household names in a thriving society, but are working at Home Depot or living with their parents or in cars in this society.  All you have is rap music and hyper-controlled Illuminati shills pushing an agenda. 

You've gotten the culture you paid for.  What if The Beatles had never been able to leave Liverpool, because everybody thought they were entitled to the product for free?  This is what if.  Right now.  Look around.  You got what you paid for, and there is no future in it.  Start paying for the "artistic content" you consume, before it's too late.  I think rap music and troop worship has taken us as far as it can.  Not far enough.  Your artists are now co-dependent on people who use comment sections and downvotes with aggravated intent.  They have taken the culture hostage.  Freedom isn't free, and neither is music.  You need to do more than whine about Hollywood if you want to win the war.  

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.  Celebrate it by making a musician less co-dependent on the world around him.  This is probably your last chance.  The Marxists have ABANDONED ALL PRETENSE of supporting the arts.  It's what I call a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY.  If you can't see it, you've already lost.

Enjoy the cookout and fireworks while they last, and thanks for listening.  God bless the United States of America.








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