Self-Righteousness, Abortion, & Life On Mars

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 21 May 2019

I don't believe there is any hope for the United States.  It is an ungrateful, self-righteous place.  The people there teach and have been taught to hate themselves and each other, and to hate their country.  With an air of unbearable sanctimony and superiority, usually, which indicates extreme insecurity.  It's actually pathetic.  I feel sorry for it; the whole situation makes me sad.

Because I love it there.  It's my home.  Or it was.

Alabama recently outlawed abortion, and even though I'm in Mexico with no interest in ever returning to the US except for family, business, and legal necessity, I sometimes see outraged, outrageous comments about the evils of the patriarchy.  Especially in the aftermath of this new law.

It's not my thought, but it bears repeating:  If you found an embryo on Mars, would you kill it?  Or would you consider it alive and worth preserving?

And if you'd kill it because you believe it's your right to do so, to what degree are you self-righteous?  

Self-righteousness, by definition, is righteousness defined by the self.  If you define your own moral code, you are, by definition, self-righteous.

If your righteousness is of God, through the atoning blood and grace of Jesus Christ, you are not self-righteous at all, but Christ-righteous.  The Christ-righteousness gives you a desire to abandon your sins, to repent, and to forgive your enemies and stop living in sin, to stop living according to your natural desires.

Self-righteousness, on the other hand, encourages an individual to continue down the path he or she is already on, whatever path seems enjoyable and right at any given moment.

If you engage in any particular act and decide for yourself whether or not it is wrong, and harden your heart to the possibility that you are engaged in sin, you are self-righteous by definition.

The entire world is self-righteous.  It is the natural condition of fallen man.

Get out of America while you still can.


p.s.  This is the song I got the graphic from.  It's not my cup of tea personally, but FYI:



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Nathan Payne

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