Sea of Tranquility

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 14 Dec 2023

There is a pile of words
stacked in the hallway

It could be a poem,
or a purpose

But it isn't


I was tired, so I
took my rest
beside a
of digital

Somewhere on the moon

The locals observed me with
curious amusement

I spelled "S.O.S."
in giant letters
on the beach

With the corpses
of my enemies

And waited for the rescue

When it came,
I was translated instantly
into Heavenly code
by a solar

That might have been the Rapture

I left my towel on the beach


My enemies were twisted
into shapes of
that spelled out a warning
you could read
from earth

It was hard to discern between
the words of fury
and sadness
without a telescope

But the pain was unmistakable


I wasn't thinking about it

There was no wrath or
unforgiveness in
my heart

Only gratitude to be leaving

and no small amount of wonder
at the observation

The moon is made of stairs not
cheese like everybody

Sea of Tranquility

Tennessee whatcha want from me?
I ain't lookin' for a fight
I'm just tired
I'm so tired

Neon oasis in the middle of the night
I'm just wired
I'm so wired

Truckwash at the Flying J
lookin' for a ride
I ain't sleepin' in no cornfield

Lotsa cream and lotsa sugar
I like my coffee gentrified
the mosquitoes
got it made

I laid my head
on a wicker welcome mat
then I saw the flicker
of a smile,
and a voice said,
"welcome back,"
but I don't know where I'm at

With spiders in my pockets
I had no sense of failure
I just wanted
to see what's out there

Hoboes, bums, and derelicts,
psychotic violent offenders
everyone can teach you something
I haven't walked in circles all these years for nothing

I left my blankets lying on a beach
by the Sea of Tranquility
don't forget about me


©2007 Nathan Payne

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Nathan Payne
Nathan Payne

I am a songwriter and bandleader who travels the world in search of the golden ticket.


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