Fake Christians Can't Be Real Artists

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 11 Jan 2021

I thought I'd already addressed this issue, and indeed I have.  In June I wrote an article inspired by the story of some Christian bandleader who "lost his faith" titled Fake Christians, Fake Music.  You can read it here if you like:


I'd like to say up front that even though this article might appear to be trying to convince Christians that they're wrong about their musical choices, it is probably better to write it for the Non-Christians who are (and have been) put off from Christianity by decades of bad, unlistenable art.

To them I say:  Don't let the artistic Pharisees keep you from coming to the truth.

Since I have spent years on this topic, and it's apparently polarizing, I'm not going to delve into the finer points as to why fake Christians can't make real music (hint:  it's because they're fake).  I will simply offer yet another example as proof.  The link to the article is embedded in the title here:

Christian rapper Lecrae performs at rally for radically pro-abortion candidates Warnock and Ossoff


You can expect to see more of this with the increase in ecumenical heresy perpetrated by mainline protestant denominations.  The false convert can not make real art; if they're not true about who they are spiritually, how are they going to be true about who they are artistically?

If you are of the camp that has been trained to get defensive about this point (and I know you are legion), I strongly encourage you to see the ways in which you've been trained to get defensive about this point by people who aren't honest with themselves about who they are.  If they can't make an honest spiritual claim, their disingenuity will become apparent in other areas as well.

It is a great opportunity to repent of any tendencies toward becoming an artistic Pharisee, seeing only the surface of the whitewashed tombs and judging the contents of the person's character entirely based on how many songs name-drop Jesus Christ, failing entirely to see the need for truth in the person's work and life, to the point of possibly intentionally ignoring it.

If that habit becomes a stronghold, you can expect to be blinded to further use of disingenuous art to drag you further down the conveyor belt to hell.

The other choice is simple:  Consider the possibility that you're wrong, and that you've been played for a dupe by none other than Satan himself.  Welcome to the club.  Remember:  The only way to make sure that you will be wrong, at some point, about something, is to never consider the possibility that you're wrong.

Do that, and at some point you will be wrong.  It is inevitable.  Guaranteed.  You don't have a choice.

Thanks for listening.





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