Death to the Regime

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 2 May 2024

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and
desperately wicked: who can know it?"
Jeremiah 17:9


Many people are chanting "death to the regime" in one form or another these days.  Personally, I believe chants of "death to the regime" should be as beautiful as possible.  They should also be instrumental in nature.

The reason chants of "death to the regime" shouldn't have any lyrics is because the regime that needs to die is the regime of sin, festering like a tumor of loathing deep within your own soul.  If you put any lyrics in your calls for a violent overthrow of the system of which you are most likely a ridiculous, integral part, the chances that those lyrics are going to stand against you as an indictment of self-righteousness in the day of judgment are astronomical.  It isn't wise.  And anyway, isn't the regime already dead?

What regime?


It depends which regime you ask.  According to the Iranian regime, independent artists are a regime that needs to die.  A view which is shared by many segments of Western society, though Western cultural Ayatollahs tend to hide their intolerance behind talentlessness and degeneracy, instead of Sharia Law.  In both Iran and the West, especially the U.S., artlessness is not only a trait, but a virtue.  It pains me to say.  But let's ask a vocal-part inhabitant of the artless sound files of the modern artless caliphate of Western Sharia what she thinks.  Is the artless revolution in full swing?  Are chants of "death to the regime" fundamentally suicidal in nature?  Do all my friends really smell like weed and little babies?  Are those the actual lyrics?  Who writes this stuff?

Behold, the poetry of death:


Go on, f*** me up"
Taylor Swift


"Death to the regime" as suicidal ideation, all the way.  Once you've executed the true artists, once you've imposed a degenerate Western version of Sharia Law on everyone, there's nowhere else to go, but down.

To hell.

Death to the regime.

So, considering the view of the obvious abyss above which all of us are precariously dangling, perhaps it is wise to make sure you're not calling for your own destruction, when you chant "death to the regime."  Perhaps it is wise to take a second look, or even keep your mouth shut.  Perhaps the heart really is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. 

Who can know it?


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Nathan Payne
Nathan Payne

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