America Needs a Hysterectomy

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 30 Jul 2020

A society based on women’s fear is a loveless, beauty-free wasteland.    

Say it again.

A society based on women’s fear is a loveless,

beauty-free wasteland.

A hundred years ago, there was perhaps a need for feminism.  Women couldn’t vote or own property.  It’s difficult to imagine living in a world where any given segment of the population isn’t legally capable of owning something, but such was the case. 

People fought back, and they won.

Or did they?

Fast-forward roughly a hundred years and you’d think that the struggle was just beginning; it never ends, no progress ever seems to be achieved, the war is continuous and ever-raging. 

There are several reasons for this, but the fundamental reason is that American society is now based on women’s fear, rather than equal rights.  At one time it was based on equal rights, which is the main reason slavery and the inability of women to vote and own property were overturned.  At one point, somebody rightly observed that the United States Constitution guarantees equal human rights for all citizens, and the fact that this was true made it possible to defeat any outstanding traditions or cultural institutions that would impede the rights of other citizens.  This victory could be achieved peacefully, because the foundation of liberty was already in place.

So what happened?  Is the freedom to be a self-governing individual without the need for a master in some way insufficient?

It is apparently insufficient.  The inability to be appeased, by anything, indicates a fundamental incapacity for success, prosperity, or even peace.

It is for this reason that America needs a hysterectomy.

The manufactured hysteria over everything, combined with the apparent need to nag the entire culture into submission and the apparently-total incapacity for victory, indicates that the foundation of the society that modern feminism wishes to build isn’t based on anything substantial, but rather on the ever-shifting whims of the perpetually discontented.

If nothing is ever enough, nothing is ever going to be enough.

If voting and owning property is not enough, then nothing will ever be enough.

If the struggle never ceases, the struggle is never going to cease.

This indicates that feminism has evolved into something far removed from its original design, as is outlined for all in the US Constitution.  It has detached from the mainland of individual liberty, and is floating around in the sea, tossed to-and-fro by currents and waves that change its course without notice, at any time.  This instability makes it inconsolable, unappeasable, and hysterical. 

In a word, fearful.

Because men are disinclined to engage in conflict with a woman, because it’s an unfair, unwinnable proposition, they have allowed women to overthrow the foundations of individual liberty based on their tyrannical, ever-shifting fear. 

It is clear that we live in a society that has to bow and bend to every dictate of women’s fear.  Something bad might happen somewhere, so it is now necessary to legislate every aspect of human behavior.  If America was still based on individual liberty, we would leave the individual alone in his or her risk; as a hysterical tyrant who is terrified of and oppressed by everything, America now imposes this fear upon the rest of us.  To preserve that which is apparently incapable of being preserved.

Namely liberty. 

Freedom and liberty are not virtues in the feminine psyche.  The feminine psyche seeks security above all else.  This is neither a virtue nor a vice, it simply is a fact.  However, when an entire society is forced to subject itself to the hysterical need for security, it will become tyrannical and un-free, in an attempt to provide that security.

The world being by nature unsafe, this makes for an unnatural environment, incapable of sustaining life, and apparently anathema to happiness.

Because it’s fairly clear, if there’s anything hysterical feminists never are, it’s satisfied and happy.

If we allow them to impose this disconsolate misery upon the rest of us any further,

the foundations of individual liberty that made America the shining beacon of freedom and independence for centuries will crumble beneath our feet, and everything we love, cherish, and hold dear will be swallowed by the quicksand of women’s fear.

After which point, all of us, regardless of who we are, will be forced to scavenge for truth, purpose, and even affection

in an ugly, hateful wasteland.

Because any society based on women’s fear is a loveless, beauty-free wasteland.

America needs a hysterectomy.


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