A Tolerant Brawl

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 10 Nov 2023

"This Museum should serve to prevent hatred and genocide from occurring
to any group now and in the future.  The daunting task was to create an
experience that would challenge people of all backgrounds to confront
their most closely-held assumptions and assume responsibility for change."
From the Museum of Tolerance


Might as well get it out of the way.  I don't believe Israel is committing genocide in Gaza.  Somebody's going to put their finger up and say, "but," with the intention of starting an irreconcilable intellectual brawl posing as a debate, and then this paragraph will be forced to continue indefinitely as the ideologically-opposed opinions fight like a couple of kids riding a Slip 'n Slide covered in puke toward the edge of a cliff, into the everlasting, ridiculous abyss.  I'm not into it.

What does interest me is this glaring sign not to put any real faith in your fellow man.  If there is a better example of why faith in mankind is wasted than a brawl breaking out at the Museum of Tolerance, I'm not looking forward to seeing it.  Perhaps they should put tolerance in the museum, like an artifact from the past.

I wasn't looking for it, and didn't need it, but now I have another reason not to be a humanist.  Some guy replied to my comment on the video above, saying that "Deep Ecology is where it's at."  I looked it up, and apparently it's a thing.  A peripheral glance at "Deep Ecology" makes it seem at least superficially reasonable, until you spend 5 or 10 seconds actually reading about it.  Look at it if you want, but I'm warning you.  It isn't interesting.  You've heard it all before.  It doesn't work.  It never has.

It never will.


"If we're out fixing the world but we're still damaged,
we're just bleeding on everything we touch."
Lisa Freeman


The only reason I bring up the "Deep Ecology" comment at all is to qualify my lack of faith in humanism.  At first glance, not believing in people does bear a resemblance to misanthropic loathing.  Not believing in things can easily be mistaken for hating them.

But it's not the same.  Distrust anyone who thinks it is.  They hate you.

I responded to the guy, "Glancing at it (deep ecology), it looks legit.  I don't disbelieve in the inherent worth of people, I just think that sin is the missing link that separates us from the other animals.  A brawl at the Museum of Tolerance (and the need for a museum of virtue in the first place) suggests that we have a sense of right and wrong, and that we can disregard it (or do something wrong in the name of right).  So I don't put faith in people.  But it doesn't mean I think they're worthless."


Last year, I wrote the article An Oxymoron of Anarchists about this topic.  It was inspired by HBO's series about the drama that unfolded at Anarchapulco in the years immediately preceding the Covid psy-op.  Click on the screenshot of the kids on the motorcycle, or this quote by Edward Abbey if you're interested in reading more.  Episode 5 of the series is linked in the article, and also HERE.  It's a good show.  Watch it when you get the chance.


Cuz I'm not really interested in getting into much depth about the topic of wasted faith in people, again.  I just thought it was funny and telling that a brawl would break out at the Museum of Tolerance.  It doesn't get much more morbidly, hilariously unfunny than that.

What does interest me is the fact that Waldo is pro-Israel.  He was spotted in the crowd at the Museum of Tolerance, dressed like an American flag.

Can you find him?


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