A Tale of Two Riots

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 24 Nov 2023

"And if I seem to be afraid
To live the life that I have made in song,
It's just that I've been losing so long,
I've stopped my dreaming"
These Days


I don't know if you've noticed, but the world lost its sense of humor.  More than that, it's obsolete.  The world is obsolete.

Have you noticed?

Of course you've noticed.  The only people who haven't noticed are, well, 


Who's obsolete?  People who haven't noticed that they're obsolete.  Liberals, among many others.  Bill Maher recently made an appearance on Triggernometry, in which he celebrated turning England into a minority-white country.  With a surface appearance of wry, omniblivious superiority, he dryly bemoaned the lack of credit he has received from his fellow liberals for helping to achieve this worthless goal.  Not only does he apparently believe he has the right to tinker with the demographics of a foreign country, but he actually believes he deserves credit for promoting a racist, anti-white agenda.  As a white man.

The lack of self-awareness is impossible to believe (I coined the phrase "omniblivious" years ago, to describe it), until you realize he is obsolete.  I don't want to burden this article with the bandwidth required to post the video, but I'm sure it's easy to find.  Look it up if you feel like it, but whatever you do, never give Bill Maher any credit for being an open-minded example of what a liberal should be.  He's an agent of entropy, like George Carlin before him, and should stop being taken seriously at all.  He is not your friend.  He's not even on your side.  Not even as a "well-meaning," ostensibly "live-and-let-live" type who would love nothing more than to go back to a society in which people minded their own business.

That's what the agent of entropy says, but the glib, disposable words splashing around on the surface of the public conversation differ greatly from the actual beliefs of the paper-thin soul hiding just behind the million-dollar curtain.  The contempt the adherents to this loathsome, anti-human faith have for you is so vicious that not only do they think they deserve credit for destroying you, but they'll prance around onstage hurling insults at you from every angle, and sell this patronizing misanthropy to you as "comedy."

Because they don't respect you, they don't call it what it is.  It would be too difficult to fill the seats of Carnegie Hall with a patronizing lecture on radical douchebag theory.  So they call it comedy, instead.  That's how much they hate you.

Never forget it.

George Carlin: Agent of Entropy


The riots that broke out today in Dublin are a perfect example of the opposite of this phenomenon of obsolete worthlessness that has plagued the West for decades.  I'll prove it.

Compare the music video I made using footage of the riots in Dublin above, with this music video I made from a sermon delivered on the streets of New York during the contrived George Floyd riots in the summer of 2020.  Notice the difference:

In the Dublin riots, the participants are anything BUT entitled, victim-tripping opportunists on a looting spree.  The Dublin rioters are also not projecting their manufactured guilt onto the things that they're destroying.  You can actually see the righteous indignation in the way the garbage bins go flying across the street.  The way the Dublin rioters face-off with the globalist police is genuinely furious.

It's nothing like the entitled, painted-on rage of a bunch of people who are enabled by corporate media to turn themselves into unwitting laughingstocks by comparing George Floyd with MLK (as though MLK wasn't killed for winning that war decades ago), and who go looting and twerking through the streets in the transparently-laughable name of "justice."  Or a bunch of soft kids from Neverland who have been imported into the city to project their manufactured guilt onto the local infrastructure in the name of "solidarity."

Nico Riot Sermon

Nothing like it.  The 2 events are polar opposites.  They couldn't be more different than the choice of life or death itself.  Nobody is going to stand on the streets of Dublin and actually shut down the rioters with a sermon of pure, righteous indignation, like this woman in New York did 3 years ago.  She can shut them down for 2 reasons:

1.  She's at least mostly right, and 

2.  They're totally wrong

She doesn't even undermine herself by playing the "it's hard to be a black woman in a culture that gives preferential treatment to both blacks and women" card.  She's like a hundred Dublin rioters encased inside a single furious black woman, shutting down the obsolete idiocy of the globalist agenda with one angry, righteous speech.  That's how wrong the George Floyd rioters were.

In contrast, the riots in Dublin today are the result of an actual murder (attempted?  No updates on the condition of the victims at the moment of this writing).  They are the exact opposite of every riot that took place in the U.S. in the summer of 2020.  No black women with a private Nico soundtrack are going to stand in the street and regale the Irish rioters with righteous indignation.  The Irish rioters are the ones with righteous indignation.  They've already been tarred and feathered with the transparently-ridiculous indictment of "far-right extremism," and, in direct contrast to how the George Floyd people were treated by the corporate media, the Dublin rioters will be treated like a dangerous, fringe minority.

Because that's what they are.  The corporate clown media.  All those compliant sheep working hard to make themselves obsolete.  To "provide for their families," paradoxically enough.  The kind of people who would commit suicide for you, if they could.  Self-hating Nazi pedophiles who still think sodomy and rap music are countercultural and edgy.  Bill Maher and George Carlin fans, mostly.

A dangerous, fringe minority.  Completely obsolete.

Thanks for listening.


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Nathan Payne
Nathan Payne

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