Nico Riot Sermon (I Don't Follow Sheep)

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 7 Jun 2020

The following rant by this black woman in New York to a bunch of soft white kids from Neverland is interesting for several reasons, one of which is that it's a perfect example of a free human being surrounded by sheep.

All of the people she's talking to are wearing masks, but she is not.  They're all rioting, as they've been told; she's having none of it.  Their opinions and ideals have been spoonfed to them; she's learned everything the hard way and understands the value of work.  They all applaud weakly when she tells them to vote; when some guy says that indeed they are registered to vote, he sounds like someone who hasn't used his voice to do anything other than supplicate his superiors.  She sounds like someone who commands troops on a battlefield.  They're doing as they've been told; she's doing what she has to do.  Surely, these guys have all posted black squares on their Instagram feeds in a show of forced solidarity, of mandatory compliance, of unthinking obedience.  She has to tell them that people live there, and that they're destroying the neighborhood in which people live, and the infrastructure on which they depend to survive.

They have nothing in common, and are naturally opposed to one another.

I don't follow sheep.  If you post a black square on Instagram, virtue-signal about the Bureau of Land Management, worship the false god of social-distancing fear when you're told, and ignore it when you're told, or engage in any other form of unthinking compliance, I will not let you corrupt my feed with your weakness.  If you're too cowardly to defend yourself, too craven to see the religious perversion in supplicating yourself to others and preaching angrily to those who refuse to supplicate, or in looking down on them, you're a rat, and I can't afford to know you or consider you a friend.  I need to retain my strength.  The only sheep I follow is Jesus.

Here's the original, full-length video.  I sometimes listen to music while I'm watching videos, and Nico's "These Days" came on while I was watching it.  It struck me as interesting, so I made the video above.

Thanks for watching.

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