A Broken-Hearted Vision of Las Vegas

By Nathan Payne | pablosmoglives | 17 Jul 2021

Today is the 10-year anniversary of the release of Broken Bird.  Conceived as a spoken-word album (thus the title, which rhymes with "spoken word"), it had other ideas for itself, and morphed into an album about being a broken bird.  During recording, I realized the album was from outer space, or possibly underwater.  I also realized it was a Las Vegas album, if Las Vegas was situated at the bottom of the sea, or on the moon.  I did everything in my power to realize the vision of a psychedelic, underwater neon space city.  

The degree to which I succeeded, can be decided for yourself:

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"A broken-hearted vision of Las Vegas, achieved while scuba diving on acid"



Also available on Bandcamp via private download code.

"Nathan Payne is what's missing from today's American music - a unique, literate voice that kicks against the pricks and bastards of life.  His songs aren't about wearing the bling or nailing the prom queen, but the nasty bar brawls and sutured scars that take you there.

Broken Bird  follows in this tradition; here it's all about the blood and the hurt that you muck through before the big score, and that's way more fun.  Songs like 'Love is Cruel' are tragic and beautifully demented, dark stuff but never fatalistic.  'Greaser Boy' is a loping wolf of a song, prime example of Payne's masterclass lyrical styling.  He's at his best with tracks like 'Certain Stratospheres,' luring the listener in with a pleasant countryside vibe, until slicing out with unsettling lines like "The pope is like Hitler with wings/he walks like a corpse impersonating a wax figurine."

Oh yeah, and Payne's funny as hell!  Honest and cutthroat, Broken Bird  is a true American album, the bloody toothless smile after a punch in the mouth."

Benny Dreadful, host of Hellhound Howl on CJAM 99.1FM Windsor/Detroit

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Nathan Payne
Nathan Payne

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