One place... Everything...Now you can see it!

By fulghum | P2Pguru | 8 Jun 2019

 These words describe us perfectly. We are providing a huge database of content - which you have ever wanted. What do you wish for? Movies? Books or an adult content? Well.. OK! All of that and even much more you can find now just in one location! However, our main goal is to build an awesome community, which will share the content with each other. Don´t waste your time and get everything you like on one site. Just try it!


Every movie you can think of is here for you, and if it dares to be not, just add it! You can even earn by providing content so why not?
Download subtitles directly within our torrents table.


Easily find torrent for complete season so you don't have to bother to download each episode separately.
Download subtitles directly within our torrents table for exact episode that you want.


Find your favourite games and download torrent suiting your platform.


Download full albums of your favourite artist. Listen to preview if you are not sure it's the right song.


Download books in a language of your desire.

Adult content

Well, if we claim to have everything, this section cannot be forgotten. We are aiming to provide only the best quality. Torrent's are, indeed, available here as well. You can read about some of our neet functions below.

Token rewards

Soon you will be rewarded based on your activity on the website. Work on your "site points" because they will be transformed into tokens!

We are not an ordinary pornsite!

Catch Protector

Have you ever heard about that? This catch protector can save your life! Ok.. Maybe not, but it can surely save you from an embarrassing situation.:)

History remover

You can turn on our history remover as well. If it is running please keep in mind, that the back button does not work. History remover is still in a development process!!

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One place... Everything...Now you can see it!

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