Experiences with TradeOgre and ARRR


here is a new experience with TradeOgre a Trading Platform without making a KYC.


Until now I've made no negative experiences. The only thing is, you must buy LTC in another exchange like Binance and then transfer it to TradeOgre. Then you have not so much fees. 0.22 cent for 30€ for example. For BTC wallet exchange you must pay 23€!!!! 

And you have a 2FA on TradeOgre. It's a nice Platform for testing and I've test it with the Pirate Coin ARRR.

The coin has raised up very good in the last days. 

The Change has been arrived at the wallet at TradeOgre. Now, I must change the LTC in BTC and then in ARRR.

Yeah. Let's be a Pirate. :-)


All that I described above, has worked very well. For all this transactions I've paid 1,50€.

Check it out, if you want.

Then I've transfered the ARRR to my ARRR Wallet. And it has worked. :-)

Pending Time 20min.  A good time, I think.




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Own experiences with Crypto

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