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Rant #27: Little Guy Season

By zpaul_2020blu | Rant Page | 27 Jan 2021

Today's been fun. AMC and Gamestop are getting saved by the little guy trader and central banks are hating on Cryptocurrency and telling us each one will break down altogether. Totally NORMAL!


I started following this a couple days ago just for laughs. Funny how people think its risky to put $100 into a cryptocurrency but turn around and see this and have FOMO. Of all the companies y'all want to save, its the ones that offered you $3 for a game console and said "sorry, that's the best I can do" or charged you $11 for a bucket of popcorn, no butter? I'm convinced at this point I could pay to hack the student loan server and erase debts for everyone. I thought this morning, ya know, maybe its not possible. This is showing me that any random thing in the world can happen if you put your mind to it and coordinate it openly on reddit.

Central Banks

You can follow the small thread on my Twitter @outtapocketblu I made here

You're going to tell me this guy gets to tell us what to do?



That central banks and regulators that have robbed many of us for years get to tell us what to do and how to do it with bitcoin and stablecoins?

I'm supposed to listen to the guy implementing an ATM fee for a guy that has -$5 in his bank account?

I'm supposed to listen to the guy that gives barely any evidence as to the correlation between central banks regulating a currency and its overall health & wellness?

I may not be smart but I'm not stupid.....yet. Haven't we been down this road before? Something doesn't work to our favor so take it out on the little guy or tax the poor oh my god this sounds like the French Revolution in 1789.

Central banks should have no say when it comes to cryptocurrency other than that they want to buy and help us hodl ours. I draw the line in the sand at regulation and while others may jump below and dissuade that point or even come up with a point of not understanding, I ask you this......if I walked into your room right now and took your lunch are you going to be mad? Speak up? Push me away? Give it me? Give me your wallet? Punch me? Oh god, this is getting dark, thanks for reading! 

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