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Rant #1: Why Fear of Crypto in Non-Profit?

By zpaul_2020blu | Rant Page | 12 Aug 2020

Why is it not more mainstream at this point to use crypto to donate $$$? I never learned about ways to do this until I googled it in free time and its mind boggling how slow a ton of non-profits are to this right now. 

There are people starving. Out of homes. On the streets begging for a spare $. While I'm not the person with a physical gold bitcoin out here like Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory, why is it that we haven't seen more non-profits desperately convert a portion of their earnings operation to collecting cryptocurrency? 

Fear is a hell of a drug. What has been built into the NPO space about crypto is that its the wild west. A gimmick. Volatile and unstable. I've had conversations with people who are way more versed in the differences between cryptocurrencies and that know blockchain like the back of their hand and with people that have zero knowledge in the space other than a flashing red light reading scam. Never an in between. 

Yet, a clear glance across the space and shows there are 5x more blockchain wallets over the past 4 years than in 2016 and millenials are taking over this space with Gen Z to follow in the next number of years. Try mentioning this to an accountant or legal member of an NPO and you may get laughed away. But in a space that is built on helping people, why is it not helping people by any means? 

The day I found out an NFL team started accepting Litecoin for something as simple as a raffle ticket, I was giddy like a school girl. Hope for the nature of that space grew. We can't let that die out. Think of how much more of an impact it would have to have some extra ETH flowing into an NPO trying to put food on the table in poor metro areas. By the beginning of 2021, I want to see 10 mainstream NPO's accepting some form of crypto. Your Susan G. Komen's, UNICEF, or United Ways of the world have the $ to do it. Easily. 2022, there should be no reason over 50% of the NPO's in the US haven't established a way to collect and convert.

Why are we not demanding this? The stakes are too high and there are to many people that can benefit.


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