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The art of thinking in wisps of smoke.





First of all, know that it is very bad to smoke! People who do it for anything other than taste are wrong, period.

But I don't believe that a good way to live is without the threat of death.

I have no desire to talk about something "dangerous" or something that has a very bad reputation these days. But you know what, I will. Because I'm going to talk here about the art of smoking a pipe. Yes it is bad, and very carcinogenic for the oral mucosa. Yes it gives cancer, like all good things today, I believe. Grills, bananas, tanning...

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  To smoke a pipe, one begins by preparing the tobacco. Living in Europe, I usually smoke Amsterdamer which tastes quite woody and dry. There's the       chocolate Amphora with a caramel aftertaste or the Kentucky Bird, with its flowery aroma (No kidding, there's flowers in it). The pipe being a hearth, the   goal is to keep the fire alive as long as possible, it is by stuffing the pipe in the right way that we get there. By small pinches we fill it then we cup VERY lightly. We then start again, and we press a little harder.             


                    La charte du tabac à pipes - La Pipe Rit


Be careful, you miss that, you miss your pipe.

The moment is ignition.

We light and we maintain. It is necessary to pack regularly so that the tobacco can breathe. Make the tobacco live so it can die delivering a last song of flavors. Until the last ash, it will live and will eventually settle.
But it's only finished when the pipe is empty, cleaned and brushed... row, that we can consider that the smoking of the pipe is finished.

To give figures, a smoking takes at least forty minutes. A 50g tobacco pouch costs around 25€ per home. More than enough for a full month. It's not a little dopamine cigarette, it's a way to live well...or die well.

This article describes an art, that of pipe smoking. Only try if you really want to, don't follow a fashion.


                 I hope that you will not smoke, but I also hope that you will smoke a pipe, because the pleasure desired is a pleasure deserved.


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Outer Wilds is a timeless and timeless adventure.

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