The Pandora's box is opened

We are entering an era of total connection.

Your watch is connected, your refrigerators are connected, your cars are connected.
It's cool because everything can become simpler in everyday life.
However, each of your devices is in some way a potential Trojan horse for hackers. It can collect your datas and then sell them. It can divert your devices from their common uses. They can damage them. They can prevent you from accessing it.

Obviously, there are many options to guarantee the security of our digital tools (firewall, anti-virus, various and varied cyber security systems, etc.), but each time you add a device or load an application, you increase your chances of getting hacked.
The most effective defense is to be trained and informed and thus remain vigilant.
Pandora's box has been opened and the march towards all-digital is on the tracks.

Be careful and good luck to all.

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Our lives through technology
Our lives through technology

This blog is about the technology and its impact on our lives. It talks about devices, cybersecurity, coding...

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