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Artificial intelligence stronger than humans?

The power of artificial intelligence lies in the choice of the data sets that will be used to train it.
If you take a set of photos of men and women and label everyone with hair as female then our friends fans of heavy metal will have a high chance of being labeled as “female”.
If you take a set of photos of cats and you label these animals as “dog” the artificial intelligence will tell you that Persian or Siamese cats are dogs.

So artificial intelligence is ultimately stupid?
In fact, it is just trained to return the most relevant answer to your request.
If we taught our young children that cats are called “dog,” they would give us the same response.

Beyond all the great fantasies concerning AI, it is therefore important to keep our feet on the ground. The time for the great replacement of humans by AI has not yet arrived. And although in many cases, AI provides relevant answers in record time, control of responses by humans and critical thinking still remains necessary.
Let's take a quick example: I asked Chatgpt to multiply 12598 by 257. Chatgpt's response: 3,240,286. When I query my calculator the result is slightly different 3,237,686.
If I had followed the AI blindly, I would have given a wrong answer and failed my exam without understanding why because I had so much confidence in the AI.

In conclusion, AIs can be great tools as long as they are trained seriously and relevantly and the human receiving the result is capable of discernment.


Credits : picture by Geralt on Pixabay

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