Missing evidence of high-tech organisms

By MyoeMinnKyaw1 | OupKar | 29 Sep 2020

If we look at the history of the world, we can see that the important role of the Fallen Angels cannot be left out.


To this day, their magnificent architectural masterpieces, which are carved out of boulders and boulders, are still seen around the world today.


Who are the Fallen Angels?

Roughly speaking, Fallen Angels are angels or demigods who descended to earth.


The book of Enoch (Enoch, Noah's grandfather who carried animals in a huge boat during the Great Flood of the Bible) says that they were a stirrer and a savior. Protector They are The Watcher and there are two groups of good and bad people.


There are two groups: those who spread the good Dhamma and those who spread the bad Dhamma.


In the Bible, one of them wrestles with a shepherd named Jacob in the wee hours of the morning. High technology, but Jacob could not be wrestled.


The next verse says, "God created man a little lower than the angels" (Hebrews 2: 7-8).


They are the ones who were sent by an angel while the Prophet Muhammad was meditating.


Archaeological research groups, such as the History Channel, say the Fallen Angels are extraterrestrial beings called Anunnaki, not human DNA.

760058178b3ea100f24ed060d02244f6e567861ce8383e2d4e97d57d79fd9c7d.jpegThe God of Yahweh in the Jewish Scriptures is an ancient alien, but with the Anakites. They are not the same.


Fallen Angels are high-tech creatures who have come to Earth to try to control the human race, and some have even worshiped them as gods.


Now, even modern-day architects are gradually beginning to notice the magnificent architecture they have built all over the world.

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