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By Kairos_OC | News from Otter Kingdom | 27 Jan 2022

Gather around the lake, Otters! 

I am Ogmi, your humble ambassador from the Otter Kingdom. I bring good tidings from OtterClam and will keep you up to date on all future happenings from our land. To begin, I would like to give you something to consider…

Even Bitcoin had a modest beginning. The Bitcoin genesis block was mined and released into the world, with little acclaim or fanfare. For several years, Bitcoin served more as the butt of people’s jokes than as a store of value or a method of payment. Looking back now, with almost 13 years of hindsight to analyze, how many of us had an opportunity to enter the Bitcoin revolution years before we actually did, but didn’t think that it was going anywhere or thought that it was already priced too high to enter at that time? 

By the same token, every once in a while on our crypto journeys, we come across a small-cap project that is just dripping with potential, and on the verge of breaking into the foreground of the cryptosphere. The right nascent project can lead to life-changing opportunities - the kind of project that, looking back, we wished that we had gotten into earlier. I would like to present you with that project today.

Welcome to Otter Kingdom!

To say that this is a kingdom is not an overstatement. This is not just a protocol, but an ecosystem all its own. There are so many moving parts under development in this DAO that it will make your head spin: NFTs, Metaverse integration, memes, gamification, staking, bonding, cute otters, charity participation, chests full of PEARLs…the list goes on. But, before I get ahead of myself, maybe I should back up a bit.

What exactly is OtterClam?

At our core, we are a decentralized reserve protocol on the Polygon Network.

Being decentralized means that there is no central point of control. This is possible because we operate on a blockchain and all of our transactions can be inspected by anyone.

Not only is the OtterClam protocol decentralized, but the community is too! We come from streams and ponds all around the world. Any Otter can help turn OtterClam into the protocol that they want it to be. I’m a member of the DAO — and anyone reading this can become one, too.

The “reserve” in “decentralized reserve protocol” means that each CLAM, our native token, is backed by a basket of digital assets (MAI/USDC/FRAX/MATIC) in our treasury. This gives CLAM an intrinsic value. This means a lot in a space where coins sometimes lose all of their value. Especially coins with adorable animals as their mascot.

DAOs are known for their high APYs and ours is no different - our highest APY is currently 200,000%! 

Many point to this high yield as untenable long-term. We agree with that analysis. The prudent investor will immediately know that high APYs are not sustainable over the long term. But, a high APY is sustainable at the outset, and OtterClam is still in its infancy. With our new Pearl Chests, a good portion of our market cap is locked up for a period of time for truly insane APYs (and greater price stability). Come for the short-term APY and stay for the community and amazing developments coming down the pipeline!

We have also been fully audited from SlowMist, a renowned 3rd party auditor and have passed with flying colors (see the certificate here). How many small projects are already fully audited? Rest assured, your CLAMs are safe in Otter Kingdom!

OtteClam is already starting to establish strong partnerships. Our first collaboration was with QiDao, for example, which brought capital and legitimacy to our platform. The DAO has just passed a vote (with 99.77% in favor!) to engage in a marketing partnership with Huobi Wallet, who recently reached out to us. 

This campaign has not yet been executed. In fact, we are only just beginning our marketing campaign, so this is still a PEARL in the rough. I am confident that our team will continue to develop the OtterClam ecosystem in ways that highlight the strengths of our community and its vision.

Honestly, the core protocol is just the beginning, and only a foundation to start from. We have many exciting updates already in development, such as:

  • Our NFTs. We are the first DAO to incorporate NFTs into our protocol. When you lock up your PEARLs into chests for a period of time, you receive an NFT note as receipt of your chest. This note can be sold on OpenSea (while also maintaining the lockup and price stability). If your chest is big enough, you will also receive an NFT that gives an additional discount when bonding (more on bonding in a later article). And this is just the beginning. We have additional utility NFTs in the works; stay tuned in to our Discord and Telegram to be the first to hear about these NFTs. There is a preview of the NFTs and their utility here.
  • Our developments in gamification. We are developing OtterClam games to be played in the Sandbox, and one has already been submitted to the Alpha Game Jam there. More to come on this in a later article.
  • Our presence in the metaverse. The DAO passed a vote to purchase a plot in the Sandbox metaverse (check it out here). Our own (virtual) kingdom is under construction now, which will be the foundation of the OtterClam ecosystem. This is where our NFTs and gamification elements will be able to fully flourish.

As you can see, we are not just another DAO, and all of this is made possible by our most valuable and profitable asset - our community. For that, seeing is believing, and I strongly encourage you to check out our Discord (link below) to see all of the developments and how tirelessly this cohesive, international community is working. We are beyond driven and truly one of a kind. Don’t take my word for it though, swing by the lake sometime. Once you visit, I am confident that you’ll make yourself at home.

With all of this rich development, eye-popping APY and amazing community, Otter Kingdom is absolutely frothing with potential. You just don't usually see this kind of vision from a project under $3M market cap.

Do you smell that?

It smells like an opportunity of a lifetime.

That’s all for now Otters, but I’ll be in touch with all the juiciest new developments as they come. 

Until then, 



Website: otterclam.finance

Discord: discord.gg/gRJDX5NXFA

Twitter: twitter.com/otterclam

Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/OtterClam/

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Content Lead @ OtterClam Finance

News from Otter Kingdom
News from Otter Kingdom

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