19th July,A Sad Day to Remember for all of Burma

By Tikyi Khant | Others | 19 Jul 2020

On this day in 1947, approximately about 10:37 am,at the Secretariat in downtown Yangon,many of Burma's Independence leaders were assassinated by an armed group of a rival political group,supplied by British forces while they were having a meeting.


6 months later ,on Jan 4 1948 ,Burma  finally got independence from British Colony.

General Aung San


He is responsible for the independence of Burma but assassinated 6 months before,shot 7 times .
If he was still alive today,he would be 105 years old.
Daughter : Aung San Su Kyi (age 75).

Short Story

British started attacking Burma from March 5 1824.The patriots of Burma defended the British forces for almost 60 years that population of Burma was halved more or less.British Conquered Burma finally on November 28 ,1885 ending the bloodline of Burmese Royal family.
General Aung San was born on February 13, 1915. He left Rangoon University and entered national  politics in 1938.

He was both anti-British and anti-Imperialist. He left Burma to negotiate with Imperial Japan promising them oil,rice & minerals to attack British Forces in Burma.
When British forces are fully retreated,Burmese nationalists,lead by General Aung San pushed Japanense forces out of Burma to gain independence.

General Aung San's last quote

“Even if we implement various projects after gaining independence, we have to work for at least 20 years. To speak bluntly, because it is easier for people to remember blunt speaking…to speak bluntly, we must work our asses off and buckle down, only then will we not be left behind over the next 20 years,” he said.

“If you don’t work, you won’t be able to catch up with Thailand. Among independent countries, Thailand is not up to much. But then, compared with our Burma, Thailand is steps ahead of us. If other independent countries make one stride, we have to make several strides. Only then will we be able to catch up with them in the next 10 or 20 years.”

“I want you to understand clearly that unless and until we catch up with them, even if this country is independent, it will be a country similar to a prostitute who has to charm everyone.

The person may die,but his name will live forever.


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