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Why you should consider the Yuh app to buy your cryptos ?

What is Yuh ?

The Yuh app is a new Swiss savings, payments and investment app, all in one app. It was created in 2021 by the Swiss bank PostFinance and the Swiss leader Swissquote.

For some more information about the app and Swissqoin, check out my previous article.

Why choose Yuh for cryptos?

It is indeed possible to buy cryptos directly from the app, so very easy. For the moment, the only drawback is that you need a minimum amount of 25 CHF to invest, which is still very reasonable.

But besides the fact that you can easily buy cryptos, which many apps or platforms also offer, the Yuh app has a considerable advantage over the others, the stability of Switzerland.

Indeed, the fact that Yuh is a Swiss app gives I find, a confidence in the project and a certain stability to the project. At a time when all countries are adopting more and more restrictive regulations on crpytos and where currencies are more and more unstable, Switzerland is a country very open to cryptos with still few regulations and a Swiss franc as a safe value.

Another advantage is that the application supports more than 13 different currencies, so you don't need to be Swiss to invest because you can save, pay or invest in euros, dollars or other. The transaction fees on the app are very low, so the app becomes very interesting in terms of safety and reliability for its cryptos, especially at a time of recent market upheavals.

If you want to try the app like me, don't worry, it took me 3 minutes to create an account. Once the account is created, you will receive a very cool black debit card directly at home for free! So don't hesitate to give me your feedback and if you're satisfied in comments!

If you liked this article and only if it is the case and you want to support my content, you can enter my code 66mf20 when you register. In all transparency, this will make me earn 500 SWQ (app corner) on your first single deposit of 500 CHF, which is currently about 5 CHF.

Thanks for your support and see you soon for new content on the Yuh app!

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