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Discover Swissqoin, the new Swissquote token!

What is Swissquoin and where does it come from?

Swissqoin is the new token of the Yuh mobile application, created between Swissquote and the Swiss bank Postfinance. Its value increases every month as Yuh credits money to it!

The more users use the app, via payments, savings and others, the more Swissqoins they earn and the more you benefit from Yuh. Swissqoins can be sent to a friend or simply sold directly in the app for cash.

How much is it worth now?

Currently, the SWQ is worth about $0.012 but its value increases every 15th of every month. You will find under the image below the details of its evolution since the launch of the app in summer 2021.

SWQ price

I really invite you to try the Yuh app which is very easy to use. Unfortunately, you don't have to be a US citizen to use it. If any Swiss people are reading me, please try the Yuh app and feel free to use the referral code 66mf20 if I have introduced you to a new and cool app. In fact, after your first deposit of 500$, you will receive 500 SWQ for free to start your SWQ adventure. 

The use of the app is not only about earning SWQ since it is a real bank account, with many benefits because the fees are very low or even zero. Peer to peer payment, cash withdrawal, free payment in 13 different currencies, savings with advantageous interest rates, many are the benefits of this application! It is also possible to buy stocks and cryptocurrencies directly from the app. Investing has never been so accessible!

Leave a comment if you have any questions about the app and see you soon!

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