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Real T, the tokenization of the US real estate

If you don't know Real T yet, you will quickly fall in love with it.

So first, what is Real T?

This American company is the first to combine cryptocurrency and real estate. Indeed, it allows the tokenization of real estate and resells to everyone houses. For the moment and due to the various legislation in force, Real T are only present on the American market.

Who created Real T?

The innovative company was created by the two well-known Jacobson brothers. They are accompanied by about twenty people. Real T has been in business for several years now and is therefore a serious company in which every investor can have complete confidence.

Jacobson's brothers

How does it work?

Every week or so, a property is put up for sale on their official website and you can buy shares in that property. The returns are extremely interesting as they vary between 8 and 13% most of the time. Last example, you can buy a piece of property in Florida for only 50$ !

Florida villa

The rate here is 7.8%. Imagine, getting into real estate investing with only $50, isn't that wonderful?

The advantage of such a system is that it does not vary according to bull runs or other crypto market. You receive more than interesting interests and moreover you have the possibility to resell your shares if you wish.

If you click on the house in question, you will have many pictures of the house in question. In addition, all the details of financing and costs will be given to you, as in the image below.



Due to Covid-19, the Real T team informs us that they were not able to visit in person the last villas put up for sale but that this will be done as soon as the sanitary measures are lifted.

Here are some previous exemple of the markeplace on Real T :



What are the ways to collect interest and the best payment methods?

To buy a share, nothing could be easier. You can do it directly with Coinbase Commerce. I bought via Binance using Litecoin, because the fees are very small.

To collect your earnings, you will need to connect a wallet, preferably your Metamask. You have 3 possibilities to collect your earnings:

1) Either directly on the Ethereum network but the network fees are at your expense, which I strongly advise against given their current level.

2) In USDC on the xDai network that you can add to your Metamsk. Just search "xDai Metamsk network" on Google and you will have all the information to add this network. I recommend it because the fees are low and taken by Real T through this network.

3) Last method, automatic reinvestment. Your annuities are directly used to buy others once you have the necessary amount. This can be advantageous if you have a lot of property shares.

Once you have purchased your unit(s), you will receive a complete sales contract to sign electronically.

To create an account and start your real estate business, go to the Real T website HERE. It will take you about 5min to complete with your personal data and pass your KYC. You will of course be asked to provide proof of identity.

If you liked and/or are interested in this article, you can click on my link at the bottom of the page. A big thank you to you !

Good shopping to you and see you soon for new properties published soon!

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