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Maiar incredible farming program!

You probably already know Maiar, probably from the Elrond cryptocurrency, the eGold.

Just yesterday, Maiar released its new exchange and the rewards are just awesome!


  • If you have Elrond in your Maiar wallet, you can simply claim MEX (Maiar exchange token) enough and only if you hold Elrond, without doing anything else. The gain can be really interesting especially with the staking and farming solutions offered!
  • Farming ! Look at the current rates ! 2400% if you farm Elrond and MEX !!! 1700% if you want to be exposed only to a token. and almost 500% on MEX if it's not beautiful.

maiar farming rate

Be careful, we are at the very beginning so to take advantage of these rates you will have to be fast because the more people you have, the more the rate will decrease.

To take advantage of these amazing rates, very easy. Install the Maiar application to create a wallet. Then go to and connect your wallet. You will then just have to deposit your Elrond and your MEX in order to make your money grow. As a reminder, with such rates, if you put $100, at the end of the day you get about 7$! 7% daily!

That's it, I'm enjoying it, it's normal. If you take advantage of this incredible opportunity, you can think of me by adding my referral code 6hebba63g8. Feel free, obviously no obligation but I think we can really take advantage of these incredible rates.

Fill your pockets well and see you soon!

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