How to increase your revenues with Brave Rewards Creators ?
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How to increase your revenues with Brave Rewards Creators ?

Brave, a secure search engine with more than 40 million regular monthly users and using the Basic Attention Token (BAT) crypto to pay content creators, needs no introduction.

You can also earn BAT without creating content and this by receiving ads on Brave.

Two kinds of advertisements currently exist :
     - Pop-ups that you can configure if you want to receive more. My Brave is in French but this feature is in your Brave settings at the top, so you        can't miss it. You should also know that Brave has recently increased the number of available ads which was until recently limited to 5. Now you can choose 10 to increase your revenue. 

Brave ads

     - Sponsored images where you have a link on it like the one below. 

Sponsored Image

In both cases you will receive approximately 0.005 to 0.01 BAT per clicked ad, which can still be interesting if you receive 10 ads per hour. 

But how to earn money by creating content on the web ? 

To do so, go to to register as a Brave Creator. You will arrive on this page:


Creating an account takes literally 5min maximum. Once the account is created, you will arrive on your Dashboard which looks like this and this is where it gets interesting!


I just created it so I have nothing ;)
To start, you will have to connect your account to a wallet, for example Uphold that you can also use to accumulate your BAT when you surf the web.

But to start receiving money, you will need to add a channel, as shown at the bottom of the previous image.

You will then have the 7 possibilities below to receive BAT donations on your account.


So if you are active on several of these platforms it can become very interesting for you because periodic remuneration for your followers is possible. A certain income can be paid to you.

I remind you that donations can be programmed on your Brave account as a monthly donation or as a one-time donation following a content you liked.
I have a sports Youtube channel so if you want to test this feature, even for 0.0001 BAT, it's gladly and I will be grateful.

I hope this article will help you increase your income and earn more BAT. Please note that there are no referral links since this is not yet available in Brave Rewards Creator.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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