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How I earned 15$ in a week completing surveys with Idle-Empire !

I recently stumbled upon a site that can easily earn cryptocurrency. For my part, I earned about $15 in a week but you should know that it is possible to earn much more, as I didn't spend much time on it. Simply fill out a questionnaire or two a day and it will get you to the aforementioned amount.

What is Idle-Empire?

First of all, this website allows you to earn points, instantly convertible into crypto in several ways. For my part, I chose the survey because it is the easiest way and also the most available on the site.


By clicking on the polls, you will see a list of polls that you can potentially take with the points that you would earn. Depending on your location, it is also possible to watch videos and receive those famous tokens that allow you to get paid.


In order to be able to offer you the surveys that are the most relevant to you and to have the most offers possible (and thus earn more tokens), you can answer more or less personal questions about your family situation, your friends and hobbies, your work etc. It is up to you whether you put in the real information or not. For my part, I completed it with correct information on the global aspects of my life but if the questions were personal, I either didn't answer or with not very precise information. No obligation to this, which is great! Here's how it looks like.


How do I get paid?

It is extremely simple and the payment is done in 2min on your Coinbase account, it is THE great asset of this site. However, you should know that there are many ways to get paid. Here is an example below:




and so on...

Withdrawing your chips is very simple. Once you have chosen your payment method, for example Ethereum on Coinbase, you will be able to choose which amount of token you want to convert to your crypto account. Then, you just put your email address from your Coinbase account and confirm the transaction. In my case, it is literally done in 2min maximum! And you can do this with Bitcoin, Litecoin or any other payment method like Amazon or Itunes.



That's it for this overview of the Idle-Empire website, I hope you enjoyed it and if like me you like to earn easily some $ in crypto, it's a good plan :) I put you the link below. See you soon !

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