Yuh debit card

Earn 1% interest with Yuh up to $25,000!

The Yuh banking app is Switzerland's best digital bank, offering a multi-currency account with low fees compared to the competition!

Opening an account is free, there are no account fees, you can create savings projects and trade directly in the app, and all with very low or no fees.

Here's a quick roundup of upcoming offers. :

  • from June 26 to July 3, for one week, CHF-EUR or EUR-USD exchange fees will be 0. So when you go on vacation, you can exchange your local currency for 0 fees and pay by card abroad for free, with no transaction fees since you have a foreign currency account directly integrated into Yuh.
  • The best news of all! From July 1, the interest rate will increase to 1% for amounts up to 25k and 0.75% thereafter! These are simply the best rates currently available in Switzerland.

To take advantage of this, very simple :

1) Go to to download the app!

2) If you're looking forward to getting your hands on this incredible app, when you register, insert the code 66mf20 and we'll both receive free Swisscoins after your first deposit of at least 500 USD!

3) After your deposit, go to the "Pay" section and start changing your currency free of charge.

4) Earn interest on all your currency accounts.

See you soon for more Yuh news!

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