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So... Free Virtual Bitcoin & ETH Mining is a thing now

By LB777 | Other Crypto Stuff | 19 Apr 2021

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice by any means. I do not own the website or whatsoever and if you lose money, because in the end they are a scam (I do not think it is), then your fault, be responsible with your money!

You might have read the headline and question yourself how and this does not make sense, why would someone offer free virtual Bitcoin mining and making money with it. But hear me out...


RollerCoin is a website where you can play 8-Bit style games like Candy Crush, Flappy Bird, 2048, Tetris and many more and getting points in these games. After the game the points will be converted into Hash rate. This is not the Hash rate for the real Bitcoin Blockchain mining, but for the Bitcoin mining on RollerCoin. EVERY 5 MINUTES there is a new block of 9000 Satoshis mined, and you will get a share of that based on your Hash rate in comparison to the total network power of all users combined. But you can not only mine Bitcoin, but also Ethereum and Doge, but since you got to pay withdraw fees for Ether, but not for BTC and Doge I would recommend mining one of them.


Passive Income?

Yes you can actually start passive income on the website as you can also buy miners in their shop with "RollerCoin Tokens" which you can buy with cryptocurrency, either mined on their website or deposited. These miners give you a steady Hash rate, and you receive mining power without playing games. In addition to that it is not a typical Faucet side, as you do not have to claim your block reward, but you just receive it.


But how do they make money?

I think there are 2 ways for them to make money. First of all they make money by showing you ads left and right on the screen while playing the games and since they got AdBlock protection you will have to see it. The second way is by selling their RLTs with which you can buy miners to get more Hash rate.

Referral System

If you want to sign up to RollerCoin you can do it with this link! You will get 1000 Satoshis right away. My bonus is that for example if you get 100 Sats, then you will get 100 Sats and I will get 25 Sats too, so I think you wont lose anything.

Thanks for reading and have fun on RollerCoin!

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Other Crypto Stuff
Other Crypto Stuff

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